Just finished story in UVHM

I just finished the main story in UVHM and would like to hold off doing any side missions or dlc until I am at 72. Can anyone suggest a good way to level from 55-72 solo?

Thanks in advance Vault Hunters

Wow - that was fast! I don’t think I’ve ever been in a position to finish main story UVHM by level 55, even skipping side missions.

Anyway, you can:

  1. Do all the side missions that don’t involve unique rewards (there are quite a few head/skin/XP/eridium/green reward ones)
  2. Get and do the five Head-hunter packs (mini DLCs with one or two areas and a boss); numbers 3 and 5 are particularly good for replaying and farming loot at different levels as you go
  3. Do the DLCs. You can do about the first 1/3rd of DLC 1 if you want to save the Sandhawk for max level; you can do DLC2 pretty much all the way through except for certain side-quests, and then simply farm the Beatdown Bar Brawl. You can also do most of DLCs 3 and 4 (just check the mission rewards on main and side quests ahead of time if you want to save anything)
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Play Zero

Get Bore

Ransack Bunker over and over and over and over


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Loot midgets (sawtooth cauldron, thousand cuts, friendship gulag etc)
Choose a few legendaries you want, farm their bosses
Play the game

For real, this is the good part of UVHM, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll be getting XP.

do the spider run behind Ellie’s garage in the Dust–lots of enemies to rack up points

Thanks for all the great replies everyone!

I have been doing a farming run for loot midgets in the wildlife preservation preserve with the quest “doctor’s orders” - Been going well, but I forgot how long it actually takes to get back to 72!

I had a small question regarding the Doctor’s Orders loot midget farming – why can’t you just go to the Wildlife Preservation Reserve and get inside and farm the loot midgets without having the Doctor’s Orders mission active? Is it not accessible after doing the wildlife preservation story mission?

It’s with having it in your quest log, being inactive or active makes no difference. But don’t pick up any of the echo logs or you may lose a midget or two (or three).

This. If you pick up all of the Doctor’s Orders echoes then, even if you don’t turn the quest in to Tannis, you’ll be extremely lucky to see even one LLM in the box room. Each one you pick up reduces the maximum number you can expect, until you get to the regular odds of seeing an LLM in any container.

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Do the boxes not reset after you leave if you turn in the mission? Or is there just a higher chance to see midgets during Doctor’s Orders?

They reset if you leave and come back, but your chances of getting four are reduced. I’ve mistakenly picked up an ECHO recording before and only got three midgets instead of four.

Do NOT collect all the echoes and do NOT turn the mission in if you want to keep farming those boxes. If you have Creature Slaughter Dome, nip in there and pick up round 1 as you go by, then go back out and farm the midgets. After clearing all four boxes, save/quit; when you restart, you should now be outside the slaughter dome entrance so your run back to the box room is short.

  • With no echoes picked up, you will mostly see 4 LLMs (sometimes 3)
  • With each echo you pick, that decreases by 1

Go to Pyro Pete’s Bar and kill the enemies without taking any bar brawl missions - spawn is greater without them. After you’ve killed everyone, exit and reenter the bar to reset enemy spawns and clear the corpses.

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I didn’t have to start round 1, I literally just walked in, walked back out and the game allowed me to spawn in there!

I made the mistake (once, and only once) of bulk collecting items near the ECHO in the box…after I got a legendary drop…i dashboarded fairly bloody quick!