Just finished the new DLC - My personal thoughts on it (spoilers)

I just beat the DLC and yeah, it’s pretty weak, when compared to the other two, IMO…

The new area is basically a mix between Pandora and Eden-6, with a touch of Wild West added on it and NPCs saying stuff like “baka” and “tomodachi”, which is as hilarious as you can imagine… and the enemies are pretty much nothing you haven’t faced in the previous DLCs or the main campaign, save for maybe one new enemy called Belik or something like that.

Rose is literally the only interesting new character added to this DLC and or course, Gearbox had to go and kill her just as quickly as she was introduced, because for whatever reason, Gearbox seems to enjoy to kill any interesting new character they introduce right away, and I’m actually surprised Wainwright wasn’t killed at the end of the previous DLC, while the rest feels like a bunch of generic NPCs that are simply forgettable, with nothing that stands out and makes you wish to see them again in a future game (like Mister Torgue) and the ending is pretty much nonexistant.

The bosses are extremely easy and boring as well. I think the only boss that made me somewhat stay on my toes, was the penultimate boss, but even so, he was still pretty easy.

They even managed to screw with the soundtrack this time around. Good lord, that combat theme in the Blastlands was driving me nuts, to the point I just had to mute it!

Oh yeah, and once again, no new weapon skins were added to the game… only maybe a new ECHO skin and more stupid room decoration that you won’t even bother to interact with, unless you’re really boring and have nothing else to do.

Overall, I rate this DLC 4/10 and I’m actually very worried how the last DLC from the Season Pass will turn out right now…


I agree about the bosses. My feeling was the minions around the bosses were harder than the bosses themselves, except for the last one.

Overall I put it below DLC and 2. It’s OK, but not great.

BTW, is the voice actor for Rose the same one that voiced Athena? Sounds like it to me.

Body never found :wink:


I think that the dlc was great.
Sadly no invincible. I dont understand…


Nope, I sat through the credits, she was someone new.

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Well… They’ve made it a point to state that they never found a body and by the rules of storytelling that’s basically the same as saying “this character might make another appearance later down the line or is at least too interesting to just kill off”.

I will agree with you that they could have done a lot more with that character.

I don’t agree on all of your points, but I have to admit that I don’t think it’s the strongest DLC so far.

My personal nitpick is actually regarding sidequests or the lack thereof. For one I’m slightly bummed out that Max Sky didn’t make another appearance. After him showing up in Guns, Love & Tentacles again I had admittedly expected that there would a quest with him in every DLC, basically as a running gag.
On the other hand, I feel like there should have been at least one proper sidequest chain or at least a sidequest with a little emotional depth. I mean, it doesn’t all need to be as good or emotional as the Cold Case series, but just a little more would be nice.
Also, one of the sidequests is basically a carbon copy of one quest from Skyrim to the point where I’m not sure if this was meant to be an intentional reference or just straight plagiarism.


Not finished it yet but dlc3 been my favourite so far. Really fallen in love with the game again these past few days.

Maybe my judgement been clouded by the patches but I’m really excited to play the game atm. Lights off doors closed sound up…


Dlc 3 is the weekest dlc so far for me, storry wise. The new characters are boring, can’t tell i like one of them…

The storry is, that bad guys are riding dinosaurs, oh an they are Evil. They stole a giant ball, which turns out to be an egg. Which explodes like a green nuke while hetching to a giant turtle, which is again Evil because it has Crystal Spikes on his back and a bad smell. So of Course i killed it, for loot.

The added guns are powerful and that i like. So far i haven’t found new classmods, also no new shields or relics. Can’t tell yet if there are any, but haven’t found one yet.

Jump pads, Teleporters, mind Controlling spore, explosive plants… that’s some nice stuff to interact.

The Narrator was very annoing, mostly he didn’t tell me anything interesting.

After playing through i rate dlc 3 - bounty of blood 3/10 Points. It added new stuff, but all characters are boring, as the storry is. also, it felt very easy to beat it, i was never challanged a bit.


I had mixed feelings on this dlc.

The music was either love it or hate it. The man singing the theme - which your hearing the credits - I absolutely loved and wish the instrumentals of that song were played in different areas. But boss music and battle music wise, it was not enjoyable for me.

There were so many legendaries added to this dlc - which is fine, people expect new legendaries. But I think too many were added. It’s a big gripe I have with BL3 is that there are too many legendaries, most of which aren’t really usable for mayhem 10 and farming is all over the place (though the mayhem 6+ farms were a good addition, I don’t think they made one for the dlc).

Many of the weapons felt like reskins of weapons we already had - the stonethrower for example being a better version of the clairvoyance from the wedding dlc. They’ll be fun to use, sure, until the next dlc comes out and here’s another one that’s the same but better. It would have been nice for each dlc to have their own unique legendaries so when I do runs of the game for Hyperion only and such, I would have a reason to replay the other DLCs. Not just the most recent one.

Rose was the only interesting character though I feel there wasn’t much build up for her.

I try and look at things as their own unique experience. But as I played through the final mission, fought rose and then the ruiner - it felt incredibly similar to the lead up to fighting Jack and the warrior. Except there was a lack of build up because the dlc was quite short. I don’t want to compare Rose to a main villain, I don’t think that’s fair. But when I got to the final fight, it didn’t feel like a final fight or the climax to a story.

The Company story is interesting to a degree and I see what they’re doing. The future war that was predicted - Moxxi now owns a casino that can build a robot army, Deathtrap can fire an incredibly powerful laser that can destroy eridian powered tech and now Jacobs have the potential to go back to this place and take back research - to control creatures. I think these DLCs are steps towards the big picture.

However, I really wish there was more to explore and learn about The Company. To see the darker side of Jacobs, heck even hear Wainrights reaction to it as maybe he didn’t know about it. I wanted to learn more about it but there was nothing more to learn. They came, they researched, they failed and decided to leave. Even some logs by Rose’s grandma might have been cool to hear.

The visuals of this game though - the loading screens, the mushroom cloud explosions, the towns we go through - they are really well done and had me exploring just to see more of it.

On a final note, though not really important : I’m scouting this entire dlc in the hope of a Nisha Easter egg. I know Gearbox like to pretend the pre sequel never happened but it would have been interesting for me ;-;

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I think it’s a solid DLC but I didn’t understand Rose’s character motivations. Might have to do a replay. There are really good moments though, Rose killing Toge was shocking and really sold her for me. Juno and Titus’ friendly banter while we were in our jetbeasts was legitimately heartwarming. I also like how the Jakobs corporation is framed like an actual corporation, instead of the “but they’re a good corporation!” caricature in base game. Never liked that part about vanilla.

The visuals were pretty, and the cutscenes were REALLY good, but I feel a lot of these characters deserved better for their boss fights. The bathhouse guy had a great opening but his boss fight was mechanically uninteresting. Rose’s boss fight was just the same attack over and over. The Ruiner had an interesting mechanic, but its very confusing to understand what’s happening when you go underground.

I really like the side quests though. Highlights: McSmugger, Meatman, Quick and the Quickerer, and Saurdew Valley! They didnt involve much fighting and theyre the most memorable ones. Jump pads are so much fun!

I think the major thing missing is a strong emotional attachment to most of the characters. I enjoyed Titus, Rose, and Juno, but I feel like I could’ve enjoyed them more? I’d rank it 3rd among the 3 we have so far, but its definitely a solid 7 for me. And we need slaughters and raid bosses please!!!

((Am I the only one who thinks jetbeasts look boring? They’re half-bike half-saurian but its literally a saurian head on a bike… there’s no life to it.))


What I liked the most about DLC3 was the theme song played in the saloon and during the end credits.

Im a guitarist … sue me.


I love the theme song too.

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I really enjoyed the DLC.

The NPC characters needed a bit more depth, and the boss fights weren’t too interesting except for the last one. Hint for when you go below ground, look up!

The new mechanics with the jump pads, destructive spores, plant that turned an enemy into a friend, all added alot more than I thought they would. They made things more fun IMHO.

There were alot of little things that I would see that made things entertaining. Like in the last battle in Vestige, my Scorcher was fighting side by side with Tidus’ pet Bella, that struck a chord with me. Not sure if Bella would be there if you had not done the quest yet, I thought it was awesome she fought in that battle.

I haven’t finished all the side quests yet, but the ones I have done have been alot of fun. Moneyback Guarantee is one of my all time side mission favorites.

The legendary Hunt in the Blastlands against the creature that kept changing to a smaller creature each time you killed it, like a Russian Nesting Egg was pretty cool. I just liked the idea. Was a nice surprise.

Fortunately the DLC gear has been dropping sufficient to where I can actually use and try out the different gear. Much improved over what happened in DLC2. Still have not even seen a Skullmasher :frowning:

I found the DLC very entertaining, and for me the Narrator added to the fun factor.

All IMHO of course…

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I enjoyed it, but I agree it was the “weakest” of the 3 DLCs so far. I did like the Aperture Science/Half Life vibe from the bunker (I liked it A LOT, lol) and I did appreciate that there was finally a single, solitary use for all the “while airborne” anointments that they seem to be bound and determined that YOU WILL USE THESE, GODDAMMIT!!! (though this DLC is likely he ONLY place I will ever consider using them, and then only if I’m fighting the end boss again for some reason.)

The fact that it was a Jakobs facility surprised me a bit - I never got the impression from previous BLs that Jakobs was anything more than a “personal weapon” manufacturer. I wonder if this is going to be expanded upon at some point down the road?

Bella was not there with me since I usually rush the main story and then do the side quests, that was a nice detail.
I got a skullmasher once, never again, all dlc guns are really hard to get there, even anarchy, but I think it was something that changed with some hotfix or patch, because I remember playing for the first time as soon as it was out, and it was pretty easy to get the dlc2 guns, I think they increase their drop rate for the first few days or week and drop it for the rest of the time, lets see with this dlc3.

My experience in DLC2 was getting the same 5 guns over and over and over again. Had to work very hard with multiple characters to get an Unseen Threat. 3 Characters played through and I never saw one Old God Shield until alot of late time Farming. From the beginning the drops in DLC2 were busted, rare spawns never spawned, and Skullmasher at the time was only available in a Portal chest.
Eventually most of that got ironed out.

DLC3 is done right IMHO.
Thanks for sharing about Bella as I was not sure if she would be there if you did not do the quest. Nice touch that if the quest is done, she is there battling with you.

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Finished all side quests, and overall I give this one an 8. It grew on me actually after I finished the main story and starting doing the sides, they’re more engaging (to me) than the main.

My only disappointment remains, though.
When we first meet Rose, and she has her Devil with her and we see devil eggs, I thought and hoped that we would get a living Devil to ride and be our companion during our time on Gehenna.
Still think GB missed a beat by not doing that.

But well worth it.


I remember getting lots of anarchy playing the DLC for the first time, now I barely get it, and the old god I only get it from the final boss on Negul Neshai, and with a certain good drop rate. I farmed a lot of Tam and Xam for dlc gear as well but now they seem to only drop main gear, or at least way way more main game gear.

It was a good dlc, lot of content and pretty cool design steam punk western.
I agree that the story and characters are forgettable. The plot is extremely basic and none of the new characters are interesting. Still it does the job and it is enjoyable.

[quote=“bbmotors, post:14, topic:4539884, full:true”]the boss fights weren’t too interesting except for the last one. Hint for when you go below ground, look up!
Oh so that how it is? I killed the Ruiner without even understanding the point of this whole " it goes below ground follow him" . Did not find this fight very interesting though, it felt like they tried to force mechanics you can simply easily ignore altogether without any penalty.
Rose was kinda cool, nice to fight some skilled human for a change, unfortunately for her I had the Plumage which makes her really easy to beat with the tracker grenade despite her agility.

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