Just finished the survey i received in email and theres nowhere for complaints so

I had this problem with borderlands and now battleborn, not so much with older games like brothers in arms but your controls just aren’t tight enough. Whoever is programming your controls just isn’t cutting it. Games like these need tight controls and the last few games have been very clunky. I love gearbox games so I hope you get this figured out.but I’m skipping battleborn because there’s other options with tighter controls.

I didn’t get a survey, guess I’m not in the band wagon. :sob:

Clunky in what way? Are you playing with a controller?

Do you have a shift account? You need one to receive the email :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I made one 2 days ago

Yes I am playing with a controller, on Xbox. Clunky in the sense of the left,right,up,down feel ok but the omnidirectional movements are always lacking and feel almost none existent. I’m sure with a mouse and keyboard it’s fine but I moved away from PC two generations ago. I’m sure with some fine tuning of the in game options and the controller options I could make it better but regardless I’ve played many shooters that feel right from the get go, and usually I only have this kind of issue with budget shooters. Borderlands and this game as well both feel off.

Personally I didn’t have any issues with the aiming on PS4, but I played around with the sensitivity till I was happy. Did it just feel slow or are you saying when you looked diagonally it was slower? or just wrong in some way?

Are you talking about looking (RS) or moving (LS)? If it’s moving, some of what you’re experiencing could be terrain issues - seems to happen at the worst time in these games for me!

If you’re sure you could get the controls how you want it through the game options, then what is your complaint? That the default isn’t tailored to your preferences? What about all the people the controls feel perfect for? If you had messed with the control options and still couldn’t get it right that would make more sense.

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I read that as him wanting additional options to fine tune the controls. Right now, you basically only have look sensitivity (horiz. and vert.) adjustment, and none for actual movement.

I believe he might be referring to the feel of every direction other than straight feels not nearly as sharp or fluid. You move forward, okay that’s good. You move to the right, also very simple. But going any degrees between foward and to the right feels off. Like, it just feels easier to move forward and then turn rather than have your char move in a diagonal direction.

That’s understandable then.

For the most part the movement is fine but I’m mostly referring to the right stick for aim. Also I could go in the options and make it serviceable but from my experience with games with controls like this I’m never going to be happy and constantly tweaking. Not at all what I want to be doing with my limited amount of gaming I get these days.

To be fair I’m picky but and there’s many times a game will turn me off to it for not having"tight" controls but being such a gearbox “fan boy” I was really hoping for this game to have them. I’ll also attribute this to the fact I’ve played so many games in my years and is easy to spot controls that aren’t finely tuned and I guess I don’t want to waste my time on ones that aren’t, guess I’m just spoiled, first world problems.

Ah! Just so you know, the default aim sensitivity on the XB1 is actually set pretty low in this game. I already increased it a couple of times, but I’m still nowhere near the half-way point on the scales. Your issue may also be the aim assist setting. Unless you’re really picky, one private PvE or story mission should be enough to fix this, no?

I’ll give it another go this weekend and try your recommendations. Thanks :slight_smile:

Some toons felt different to me, but the difference seemed to account for the type and playstyle.

Can you elaborate on who gave you the most trouble?

My only real gripe was trying to jump over small obstacles/ledges with Toby and other big chars.


You’ll have to wait a little longer to do that - beta is over, and game launch is May 3rd (iirc?)

I personally think the controls feel great, but I see what you’re saying(ps4).

sh*ttttttt that reminds me that I changed my sensitivity in my first seconds of playing, had it perfect…don’t remember what I had it on

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HAHAHAHH!!! Oh man that’s so true! I forget my settings -_- heres hoping they use the same preferences saves for launch that they did beta.