Just for fun, the last 53 ways I've died 1Lifing

As I’ve mentioned, I only one life now-a-days since I’ve gotten to the OP levels with a number of characters with deaths, so that’s done, now I need a frustrating challenge. My highest one life level achieved is 57.
So here’s the deaths of the last 53 Sirens (on Xbox One, PS4, and Mac Steam) I haven’t made it with and deleted.
If you look at the list you’ll notice the majority are not getting shot, they’re residual DOTs, barrels, falling off stuff, and basically non-combat (or no 2nd wind available) deaths. Why do I keep doing this? Duh, it’s fun.

  • Blaster goliath tundra
  • Firehawk first set of spiderants
  • WEP to a DOT after box room
  • Car-van escort car that snuck up
  • Badass fire thresher doing medicine
  • Badass fire skag in wep, no 2nd wind
  • Data mining, forget what
  • Fell in sawtooth
  • Leaving the WEP, thought I could sprint past the stalkers and constructors, couldn’t
  • Opportunity badAss constructor no 2nd wind available
  • Sandman area, no idea why. Seriously, just died.
  • Killed myself in the firing range with a nukem, idiot
  • Grenade in hallowed hollow
  • Thresher hitting me from across the map while I was shopping at highlands vendor
  • Fell bunker
  • Buzzaxes getting to Flynt
  • Screwing around in the WEP
  • Falling into warrior lava
  • Something got me inside Ellies garage, no clue. May have been an errant Hive projectile or pandemic node.
  • Died farming WEP box room to my own bonus pack
  • Buzzard camp
  • Barrelled southpaw
  • Tundra exp mutated varkid
  • Warrior lava
  • Falling in water WEP docks
  • Caustic caverns DOT
  • Barreled Buzzard camp dust
  • Fell off bunker
  • Barreled frostburn
  • Barrel fridge
  • Barrel sawtooth. I thought about shooting it, didn’t
  • Didn’t pause, petting cat, death
  • instabled from cars hitting me in the dust
  • 2nd pump station running from exploder on elevator
  • Dust, car hit me again
  • Fell in sawtooth caldron
  • Heros pass badass constructor
  • Power core camp barrel
  • Mortar barrel
  • Thousand cuts when I didn’t pause cuz someone walked into my danged game area
  • Fell off bunker AGAIN
  • Varkid fire tower
  • Fell off bunker YES AGAIN
  • Bandit camp being aggresive
  • Took a technical to Henry’s lair to barrel him to death. He flipped the technical and me out of bounds
  • Tundra observation building barrel
  • Old Cranky fire thresher
  • Barreled in the caldron
  • Caustic caverns DOT
  • Rust yards, DOTted and 2nd wind guy blocked
  • Thousand Cuts mortar barrage, had game detail turned to LOW on my laptop so the fans didn’t spin and didn’t see target circles, shouldn’t have tried, did this twice
  • Sir hammerlock fan boat repair
  • Out of bounds just walking sideways frostburn

This is the reason I’ve never tried that dlc in any mode other than UVHM so that I could do it with a full build. Tried it with my original Maya in TVHM and got my ass handed to me…


It’s fine in NVHM. Especially with an over-levelled character!

@RavenOfArisia - thanks for the list; glad I’m not the only one dying because I forgot to pause the game!


In Hammerlock’s the enemies I have the most challenge with are the Savage Hunters. The long-range spears with the stun effect have put me in peril more than Witch Doctors.


Oh, and before I delete a character who has failed at one lifing they each go off to Oasis and grab a pimpernel. That’s why I have more than 150 pimpernels…


I love that this happened twice. I wish I could say I’d only died that way twice…

Actually going to try this, it sounds hilarious :joy:


If I hadn’t been 1Lfiing I woulda thought so too :slight_smile:

Thought I was so smart; I’ll just take the technical down there, bee shield amp damage and barrels and Henry will be gone in a flash!

Then Zoooom through the air as his tail flipped the truck. Even then I was all like Huh, this is kinda fun until the death animation triggered cuz he threw me over the hill
Dang the Henry!


Weird that I find this thread just before starting my first ever 1Life run.