Just get rid of the default Hex

It seems like the nerf was made with recurring or MIRV variants in mind. Or at least not with a default, cryo-elemental Hex. It does literally nothing on Zane. Maybe if it was one of the other variants it’d actually be good at freezing people but the default one sure isn’t and I’m certainly not gonna give up my second action skill just so I could permanently spam it enough to actually have an effect.

Cryo doesn’t actually deal damage over time. This change made the default cryo hex into arguably one of the worst grenades in the game.

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Not nerf. Fix. Wrong modifier was being applied.

A hex is a spell or curse designed to torment the subject. The damage was a mistake.

If a fix boils down to reducing an items base damage by 70% it’s a nerf either way. Doesn’t really change the fact that a variant of a grenade has gone from reasonably good to outright horrible. It doesn’t freeze, it doesn’t kill, all it does is clutter your screen with even more particle effects. I’m genuinely not even sure if I would be dealing more damage if I just unequipped my grenade mod.