Just give us infinite bank space

You guys keep buffing weapons from garbo tier to god tier.

Just give us infinite vault space so I don’t have to toss anything. You know how many Sickles I came across? A lot. Tossed.

I literally want to just have all 100 billion guns in my bank. Just let me do it. You know you want to.



Sir maintain a positive attitude.

No… :smiley::smiley::smiley:


You can make new characters and store equipment in their backpacks.

Just learn not to hoard.

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How is that even possible? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Too slow.

Just give me a billion slots. Fast. Easy.

I will save even the white guns and stuff to make it fair. I’ll just collect literally every weapon I see.

Just wait for Mayhem 2.0. My bet is most of these buffed weapons would be pretty much useless so you would end up refarming then for Mayhem 2.0 level 10.

Edit: But then you’d end up with the same storage issue. Pretty sure you’d probably be tired refarming 10x than hoarding

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Not feasible. Not at all. Ah, no positivity here, so I would like to add that I am convinced that the OP knows that perfectly well and was just starting a constructive discussion in an unorthodox way.