Just going to say this once

The Mayhem Mode 3 (and even lower settings) can create situations that are completely unwinnable. Annointed, Baddass and other mobs are nearly impervious to damage requiring complete depletion of ammo to survive, even in small groups (if you can call a massive zerg a “small group”). You’ll never see the boss fight on these settings, if you actually engage the mobs.

There’s a significant problem with not only the balance of individual mobs, such as the anointed, agro tinks, and badd asses but a larger overwhelming problem with a near-complete lack of pacing to the influx of combatants during fights. This did not exist in the previous games. Things were staged far better, there was an ebb and flow to fights. It was not an overwhelming avalanche of zergtacular mobslposion.

This is really a bug report but I placed it as a spoiler so as hopefully not to demoralize players who have not yet progressed enough to discover this egregious issue for themselves.

I know this post is going to generate some hate, but it’s something that needs to be said because it’s truthful. I am not the only one to have said it. I’m not the first, I won’t be the last either.

I am saying it now because I know better can be done (at least, I think it can). Part of what made the first and second game so good was because there was replay value. A lot of replay value. But this time around characters being so very gear dependent, the terrible drop rates and the broken state of combat are creating a situation where getting through it once is just about as much as I can tolerate. And that makes me feel kinda sad. I’d really love to see Borderlands 3 still played ten years later, just like the original Bordelands.


No, it’s an opinion.


No, it’s fact, I can post video. Can you stand solo against a dozen or more of the mobs spawned in at the very same time? If not, then by game standards (games are meant to be winnable, even if only by the slimmest of margins) then it’s broken. Unless your definition of a “game” includes that which can in fact not be accomplished.

I agree with you mostly. I just wish that on any of the Mayhem Modes you would only ever get one (1) Anointed per fight. I have no problem with them being difficult. But more than one is overwhelming.

Most notable location, right outside of the Holy Broadcast Center Building before you get to where Mouthpiece is located. On Mayhem 3 I have had this happen at least twice now. In this area I have shown up to have four (4) Anointed. Each time it was a different mix, but 4 of them is OVERKILL. Especially, when they are paired up with at least 2-3 of the Rocket Launcher COV Bandits that DO NOT MISS. And then multiple Tinks and other random COV Bandits. This kind of fight is 100 times harder than an of the Mini-Boss or even Boss fights in the entire game.

Now I can understand wanting to add in difficult situations. I am fine being forced to deal with fights like this in the game. But the payoff for fighting your way through an insane battle like that should be equally as great. But both times I have dealt with that battle and killed them all…I think only once did I get one legendary…maybe two. Anointed on Mayhem 3 should default to dropping at least 2 Legendary items. Make it worth fighting them.


actually this is an opinion…just because u cant do something dont make it unwinnable…maybe u need a better build or better gear or just not play on mh mode at all if u want it to be easier… dont assume the game is unwinnable just cause u cant beat it at its hardest…also expect the game to get harder cause this is just lvl 50 past borderlands games anything to go by this is gonna increase…

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I too do not mind difficulty, even if that difficulty means I can not win. There are in fact games I haven’t been able to complete, but I know others did.

But there are two things. First is that there are difficulty multipliers that can roll in ways were it is nearly impossible to kill mobs. Seriously. Even normal mobs get past the point of being bullet spongy, it can take half a clip to kill a single “low level” mob when you get one of these monster rolls. Of course, that does leave you the option of leaving and trying for a better roll. However - the second and to me more serious issue, I have had fights where everything that spawns is anointed, bad-ass, and agro level hardened mobs and almost the only thing you EVER see for any damage is “RESIST” meaning they are not only near impossible to kill anyways, but they take almost no damage from anything AND they rain down more damage that a nuclear apocalypse that would end an entire galaxy. Or possible a cluster of galaxies. They create firestorms that are stupefying.

I’m not discussing one or two annoying mobs, or even four at a time for that matter. I’ve had situations that are so ludicrous as to be indescribable. And I am a person that lavishes much attention to description. :slight_smile:

There are already multiple threads on mayhem mode and opinions on it, please add to those