Just gonna say the many Legendary Buffs were needed and Good Job Gearbox

GoodJob alot more viability in alot of legendaries now.

Every few weeks i’m surprisingly shocked.

Its kinda weird i finally moved on and now this happens… Welp next level cap will hopefully be huge along following with the 4th dlc and the 4th STs n ill have lots to play with.

Keep the progress up i look forward to season 2.


Some are still a bit undertuned imo, Lyuda could use some extra damage.

Also, sad that most buffed guns can’t make it in the Guardian Takedown.

But other than that, I agree with you OP.


Not that the last rounds of buffs aren’t welcome, but I wish they would look into Mayhem scaling a little bit more before buffing weapons individually. Instead of M10 weapons being +~130%, I wish they came in around +200%. This would be a 65% felt buff across the board. Then reduce the current “viable” M10 weapons to match how they are currently.

This would open up the meta to a LOT of new options without allowing overturned weapons to obliterate lower/no mayhem levels.

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The buffs really aren’t doing much. Would still use the flipper over the cutsman. Sandhawk over the Lyuda. Monarch over Damned or Web Slinger. Takedown weapons are STILL garbage, when they should easily be the best gear available.

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Have you tried the revamped Smog? That thing seems to obliterate with any character when they’re set up right.