Just got battleborn <3

Soo I’m a previous Borderlands 2, Destiny, and Warframe player, and I finally got my hands on Battleborn last night. Only got a chance to play the prologue and the algorithm mission so far, but I can definitely say that Battleborn is a refreshing break from Destiny and Warframe. I can definitely see myself sinking hundreds of hours into this game discovering how each character works and the best setups for my play style, and just want to say congrats Gearbox on providing a wonderful break from the monotony of destiny and Warframe. Anyways I’m rambling just wanted to introduce myself to the community and kudos to the makers of this exciting game.

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Welcome to the fold.

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Oh I forgot to mention that I plsy on Ps4 and my gamer tag is Musicopia.

I did the first mission solo but I would love to be able to get a few squad mates for running dedicated missions.

Hit me up if you’re a new(er) player and want to run missions.

That prologue is like a drug to get you hooked. I hope for the next few expansions theres eventually a music video with all the characters in the game

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I know right! The anime art style at the end with Deande and Mellka is pretty awesome. I really like Deande’s theme I can’t wait too unlock her!

Yea man its so much fun, im loving this game. Theres 4 story missions i really love. And just doing them with all the different characters, builds, and difficulties, is alot of fun. And will make me sink alot of time into this. Then theres the pvp and all that offers.

@rush86 absolutely! I can’t wait to get into pvp, can u join in pvp and not get crushed simply because of not having gear? Should I wait til I get some more command rank + better gear Loadouts?

Yea i never activated my gear in the capture mode once. And my team and me in general did great. It really helps to have gear but is not always 100 percent required.

I was just wondering if you buy it for the pc and do you get it for xbox one also? i wanna buy it to play on pc and plan on getting a xbox one soon but just dont wanna buy it twice you know.

Play some pvp against bots to get the feel of it