Just got her. Few questions

Firstly, I’m enjoying a playable female with an actual figure, for once. Nisha/Gaige/Maya/Lilith were all stick figures in comparison, and Athena is in bulky armor.

Aurelia is CUUUURRRVVVYYY and I like it!

Skill wise…I’m just concerned. At higher levels in BL2, Sniping was all but worthless due to a combination of enemy health regen, enemies constantly shuffling back and forth, you being able to get downed instantly so staying in one spot long enough to line up a sniping shot was dangerous, and how health/shield gates worked.

I can’t really use the Contract tree because I don’t know anyone who plays BL anymore, and if sniping becomes useless later on, then I’ll be stuck with only the middle tree in late game. Which while the ice tree looks AWESOME, I don’t like being so limited.

ALTHOUGH I managed to turn Tim into a good sniper (Company man + keeping a torgue on hand to turn all snipers into explosive weapons), so I’m not as worried.

Although now that I"m thinking about it, the enemies being frozen in place does make it easier to line up critical hits, so that may balance things out.

Also, was she supposed to have so many skins right off the bat? Gearbox included? I also have the white and purple pure skins, 2 tediors, 2 dahls, 2 torgues, and two Vladofs.

I also have the Raid Boss helm right off the bat, and at least 1 extra skin. Plus 30,000 dollars.

The money is normal. She is filthy, filthy, filthy rich after all. The skins and head thing may be some kind of bug. Something similar happened with the Doppelganger.

Sniping was fine I bl2, I did it on op8, vs mobs, bosses, raids, and the peak all with Maya.

Sniping will also be ok in this game, but the issue is we don’t have as good of snipers yet.

About the skins, I’ve noticed a lot of skins being automatically added, including event skins like Christmas and another one, which are probably glitches and not supposed to be released yet. It’s a known issue