Just Got HJC: Multiple Issues

I used the “Cloud Saves” option to upload some characters to the Handsome Jack Collection and I’ve had a couple issues:

My first issue is that the characters that I’ve uploaded onto Handome Jack Collection are missing mutliple items on my characters. From weapons to skins and load out items. I’ve even reuploaded the same save and it’s still persistent.

My second issue is that there are a few saves that won’t download onto the Handsome Jack Collection. They’re able to be successfully uploaded from the 360 and when attempting to download them on the Xbox One, the game freezes and I can’t retrieve them on the HJC.

EDIT: Regarding my first issue, I get a message when loading up my character. The message states that I’m missing required DLC that isn’t accessible st this time, and that my 72 character will not be able to earn EXP pass 50. I’m not sure how I could be missing DLC when it’s the Handsome Jack Collection.

The bug you’re describing has cropped up a couple of times, and I don’t know why, but it does seem to affect recent digital purchases. I would first of all file a bug report with both MS and GBX, the latter of which you can do here:


I’m fairly sure that MS will want you to do the usual stuff, like do a power cycle by disconnecting the power brick from the mains outlet. Other than that, I’m not sure what to suggest right now other than (obviously) hold on to your 360 until you’re able to upload/download all your saves correctly.

My HJC is a physical copy as well as my Borderlands 2. I do though use a digital copy of BL2 for backwards compatibility.

Should I go ahead and fill out a ticket with 2K or Gearbox?

Yeah, I’ve tried the basic Xbox troubleshooting. I actually had to leave my 360 back in my home state, so I only have those saves uploaded to the cloud.

Use the link I gave you above: it’s the one you get when starting at support.gearboxsoftware.com (Basically, since 2K is the publisher and GBX the developer, it’s a shared system for these games; the ticket will go to the right place though.)