Just got the butcher

Dirt pearl weapon I’ve ever gotten. My buddy who is a 67 and I am only a 58 helped me farm the midgets in the doctors order and the last one dropped it. Felt great along with 3 ancient relics too bad I can’t even use it though ha

Dirt = first? best? worst?

…smells like autocorrect, so I’ll go with first. Damn fine shotgun, that is.

I freaking love the Butcher.
Also depends which character are you using. At least on Krieg, it is an animal with 100 Bloodlust stacks.

Got my Butcher from the Marcus train. Love the gun and the character it’s named after.

Lol yeah first

Nice! I need some help killing Badassasauras Rex if you don’t mind? Xbox One, Shelby BoMb3rZ

I’ll be more than willing to help tomorrow brotha

I’ve gotten to like them on all characters but especially Krieg, Gaige and even Zero- matched with the right element and your enemies go up in smoke (or pool of acid or shocking discharge…) :grinning:

Yeah forgot the prefix but it’s shock damage. I heard the corrosive is the better one

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