Just got the game on PS4 and something is up with the controls

As the topic title says I just got the game and immediately noticed that there is something VERY wrong with the hip-aiming in this game. ADS seems fine, but hip-aiming just feels… off somehow. I’m playing on a PlayStation 4 and using a standard DualShock 4 controller. The default settings for the controls are absolutely horrible. At least the ones for the right stick are. I’ve been trying to mess around with the settings, but they’ve got a bunch of stuff in there I don’t understand at all. Stuff like dead zones and axis and inner parts and outer parts and I don’t know what else. I can’t seem to get the right stick set up properly. Does anybody have any recommended settings?

I honestly don’t know why they had to go and change the controls. They worked like a dream in Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequal. In Borderlands 3 the controls (mainly anything to do with the right stick) feels completely wrong. The default settings especially are shockingly bad. I can’t believe somebody actually tested these settings and approved them to be used as the default.

Anyway, if someone could recommend me some good settings that would be much appreciated.

I mainly left most control settings as standard just increased look and ADS settings to 5 and vertical look to inverted and that’s been my settings for the last year in all 6 play throughs. As well as increasing FoV sliders to max it helped me see more on screen. That’s probably not much help but thought I’d tell you my settings incase its helpful even a little.

Thanks. Yeah, after two entire days of messing with the controller settings and not being able to find anything that feels right I finally came to the conclusion that it’s best not to mess with those negative edge settings and axis settings and all that type of stuff, so I ended up just resetting all controller settings back to defaults and upping the look sensitivity to 6 and the Field of View to 90. It still doesn’t feel as good as Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel, but it feels a lot better than the default settings of 3 for look sensitivity and 75 for Field of View. Although during splitscreen I am getting a very slight “fishbowl” effect at the far left and far right sides of the screen. I don’t know if that’s just what the game looks like or if I should maybe adjust the Field of View a bit more for splitscreen. Figuring out the best settings for this game is a real headache. I’m spending more time testing settings than I am playing the actual game. :frowning:

I set the FoV to max and I wouldn’t call myself a good shot but I have beaten most content on mayhem 10 with few deaths, mainly not seeing death skulls is my big issue. I found it took time to get used to the game and trying weapons I liked, i usually enjoy mid range combat main reason I rarely use shotguns and snipers and as Moze ARs was my go to especially when I realised how good the Q system is. Play around with different weapons everyone has that play style they enjoy.

This one has the issue of analog sticks that receive input the moment you breath on them, plays inverted with maximum sensitivity. ADS assist and the inner dead zone increased by a fraction so I can look straight ahead if desired :upside_down_face: