Just Got The "Three Sum" Title

Didn’t even realize it was a thing. Love some of these titles.

What’s everyone’s fav?

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Noob Toob was a cool one and Little Buddy

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I’m fond of “Ice Whole”. I’ve always loved Johnny Dangerously, though I’m not sure if it’s actually a reference to that or not.


Is this Ice Whole one for reaching level 2 with Kelvin?

I think it may be 10 Kelvin wins.

Roman Moronie continued to butcher the English language…

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As much as I like the titles and appreciate the puns and references, I have and will continue to remain a loyal Hobo.

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Noob Toob, of course. Hobo, a granted.
Prickly Princess while playing characters like Attikus or Rath or Montana can be quite hilarious too.

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The first time I saw the “Ice Whole” title I thought, those fargin sneaky bastages.

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Master of Whiskey Foxtrot is my personal favourite. :sunglasses:

Got Sustained the one thing the games is about. And love Toddler Play Time :stuck_out_tongue:

The puns with the titles are funny. I’d like to be the “Master of Spies” sometime if I complete that.

Old man cranky for me, just cus i play Klesse a lot. I think its fitting :L