Just got to let it out

Might not be the only one a bit dissapointed because of the Like, Follow, Obey cosmetics. We all play for different reasons. I also like getting cosmetics next to legendaries, I think I can also call myself a completionist. Others like to get God-rolled legendaries and they don’t care too much about cosmetics, which is okay too. The main reason I pre-ordered the Super Deluxe Edition, were the Cosmetic Packs. Now, once again, a code was given out to those who attended the show. Like codes on E3. I live like 6000 miles from Boston (where PAX East was held) and I know I’m not the only one who lives on the other side of this stressball called the Earth, but still… how I was supposed to…? And if there aren’t any micro-transactions, how come those Cosmetic Packs can be bought? Why weren’t they kept as a pre-order bonus only? And what about things like buying a real life CPU so you get an ECHO theme? Or about the Twitch Prime loot? You can’t call them micro-transactions, but in some sort of way, they are. I know some of the cosmetics are free, like the Spooky Surprise heads, and basically all the event ones, which are tied to challenges, but I was never against micro-transactions, and I feel like it still would have been better to have micro-transactions afterall, with cosmetics like the ones given out to PAX and E3 attendees. Those who don’t care, wouldn’t buy the cosmetics anyway, but those who do, would have bought them I’m sure. And don’t misunderstand me, I’m okay that those people who attended the shows getting a code, just hopefully others will a get a chance to get those loot somehow. I was waiting for this (and older) cosmetics and I was so positive for these cosmetics to be announced that they will be added to everybody, at least the Like, Follow, Obey (even if it was challenge based, or farmable, or better yet, can be bought for real money, which wouldn’t work I guess, since there are no micro-transactions…). I was waiting for it almost like waiting for the Holy Spirit, and I just got so down after the announcement, that even the new DLC and road map reveal couldn’t get me back. I’m not gonna quit playing and none of that B.S. but it got me down. I felt like I had to let this all out and that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you.


you aren’t alone! I was totally expecting them to be announced for everyone, and that Randy would present a shift code for the viewers at home. 5 golden keys is super cool, but I am disappointed that only Pax attendees got access to them!




Now this sounds cool. Thank you for posting it.

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Sounds stupid for me. It’s six months after the launch and we still cannot collect all of them.


But they will be available at some point so no worries.

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I just like the irony in how the story in Borderlands 3 sort of tries to critique streaming culture and idolization and then they turn around and put a ton of their marketing into giving streamers early access to spoil a good chunk of the game and access to exclusive content.

And some of that exclusive content is cosmetics based on the slogans of the evil streamers in the game. It’s a weird circle.

I don’t know, maybe I was reading too much into it and it wasn’t supposed to be so much a cultural critique as something that’s just…there in the culture.


Based on that tweet I can guess we need to wait another eight months.

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I like it too and I don’t think it’s fortuitous. Maybe part of why I appreciate the story more than the average comment.


Of those three options paying would be my least favourable way to go. I’m not dead set against micro transactions but I feel like it doesn’t have a place in a game like borderlands especially for cosmetics. The exception would be something akin to the headhunter packs which I’d gladly shell out 5 bucks for. But personally I’m not so worried about my look in a first person game I play primarily solo anyways

I’m not either but I did buy one or two set from BL2. I remember one from my second less played character. In the past most comments were “If it’s just that I’m fine with it”.
I don’t think they sold tons o them. Might explain why they’re not doing it (so far).

As for exclusives for people attending events. Yeah… it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :poop: :japanese_ogre: but I can’t say it’s totally wrong.

Realistically it’s probably just the separation of the creative and marketing departments.

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Patience is a virtue. :slight_smile:

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If there’s no place for micro-transactions, why the cosmetic packs can be bought and the other things I mentioned? :smiley: Usually I play solo too, but still, I’m a completionist and a fan of the BL series. Before I got into the BL I knew about a game called CS:GO. If a game has micro- and macro-transactions, that’s the one. I’m sure the world didn’t stop and I already got past the BL3 cosmetics. But it just s*** s a ** a bit and I felt I had to say what I said. As I see, free events got into the places of headhunter packs, so I’m not sure if those will come back.

Where’s my eridium tiered followers at?



Nope Nope Nope.

If there was one feature about BL3 over all other games it was that there was no MT’s.

Any indication that MT’s break into it and I’m like Nope.

Thanks for posting that

But that aload of s#*t, your telling me I’ve to wait till the end of the year to get a head that was advertised months ago for everyone (by ur stream team) and then only realised to the stream team ? I live in Ireland so will there be any events here that #gearbox will be at ?

And even so that doesnt mean I’ll be able to make it as I have a 9 to 5 job and another on weekends, I also may not be able to afford it, with loans, rent, saving for a mortgage, ya know all these real life things we play borderlands to get away from for a little while, paying €100 should be enough for everything that is released till after the 4th dlc, then if you want more of my hard earned money I’ll consider it.
It really is becoming a joke at this stage and I know it’s just a head but it’s more about the principles to me


It would have been an option to me and I understand you. By time I wrote the post I wasn’t aware that it will added later on, and my main problem was that they were giving it out to some of the people and not making it available to others in any kind of way. But now we all know it’s coming. Mystery solved.

Ya I get what you’re saying but I just don’t want another way for companies to milk us for more money for stuff (that I believe) should be included with the game and season passes. Speaking of other games with microtransactions, I play a lot of RB6 siege and I think that’s a good example of how microtransactions should be done. All maps are free and operators unlocked through playing but specific legendary skins are only unlocked by paying. Five years into the game and you could have all the content for no extra cost.
TLDR: I believe any game should only have a season pass OR microtransactions

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