Just got to UVHM and its so hard :{

died like 20 times on my way to flynt
i got myself Hornet (farmed it ) but still its not helpful…

any ideas what can i do in order to get better gear ? even if i reach Flynt i dont see my self killing him : {

spent my last 12 keys in Santuacry (TVHM) trying to get decent weapons but sadly got only crap items .

im in that quest where u need to find a way to enter Sanctuary but i just cant kill those Bullymogs…

im lost o.O no idea how to keep

A few more details would be helpful, such as your current level. Also, what build are you using for Gaige? You can go to this link, fill out your build on it, then copy and paste the url back here so we can see exactly how you have your skill points assigned.

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to take a look at these posts as well:


thanks for the tips
i think that first in gonna farm a Twin Hornet to replace the normal one that i have

then in gonna work my way slowly to Sanctuary and do aome queats to get decent weapons like that smg u get in the water with the fire hawk quest line

Don’t forget that the Hornet is most effective against armour (Boom’n’Bewm, and those armoured lunatics) but least effective against flesh/shielded targets. The double accessory usually comes at the cost of lower fire rate/accuracy. Shock & fire for those is effective. Explosive is pretty good against everything, as long as the fire rate is decent. And a good Jakobs non-elemental weapon is really hard to beat. And a slagged target is always easier to take down than a non-slagged one.

I forget the name of the side quest but the one you do to open up the map with midgemong, there are a lot of chests in that map, you can get some great gear running that a few times.

So here’s a quick update guys
i managed to farm 7 Hornets total and none of them is Twin so i took the strongest one and use it

i went to TVHM mode and Thousnd Cuts trying to do some LLM run
and manage to get a normal Harold gun - the explosive one which is very strong !! :smiley:

beside that i managed to enter sanctuary and im doing some quests now … taking it slowly

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If ya want help ill be on in a bit on xbone.

i play on steam :slight_smile:
UVHM is damm hard - dying like 10 times each quest

Congrats on making it to Sanctuary! :smile: For future reference though keep in mind that enemies will be more or less at your level when you enter UVHM, so if you enter at level 54 with level 50 guns you’re going to have a rougher time of it. In TVHM it’s nice to farm for gear to start UVHM but if you’re approaching level 53+, just start UVHM- otherwise your gear will be too under leveled to keep you alive. Also, now more than in normal or TVHM, slag is your friend (unless you have 400+ stacks of Anarchy…)

Gonna be lame and quote my own post here

Also, the guy in this topic plays on PC, sounds like you guys should team up.

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hey guys thanks for the tips
i would love to play with any of you ^^

Right now i played with my friend and he plays as Siren so he do most of the slag and reviving me every 2minutes with his Phaselock

without him im not sure i was able to handle the game :< anyway im lvl 54\55 and got pretty crap gear (no more golden keys left and im not sure if i can more and where to get more )

i just finished the quest to kill Willhelm and need to take the reward which then makes Sanctuary to disapear so im waiting a bit with t hat quest - might want to do some side quuests b4 that

anyway…bottom line im having hard time killing things and dying every minute :<

im thinking about refarming Hornet might get a better one to help with the robots and i just cant find a decent shock weapon

I want to say its Shielded Favors.

does this Midgemong worth farming ?

No, Derch was suggesting that as there’s several red chests and normal chests in that map. Midgemong himself isn’t worth farming. How low leveled is your gear? I find gear lasts about four to five levels except for a few items like Harold, Bee, and Sandhawk. You can get shift codes for golden keys from the borderlands twitter page. Again, I can’t recommend adaptive shields and slag transfusion grenades enough. Any other slag grenade is good too. Those can even be a little under-leveled because it’s just for slagging, not damage. Grab an on-level Lascaux from Frostburn Canyon, an Orphan Maker from the start of the Capt Scarlett DLC. Farm a Bee shield from the Treeants at the start of the Forest in the Tina DLC and then you can use that and the Lascaux (or Hornet is great with the bee too) to farm Snowflake for all kinds of good gear from the loot train. Or, go further in the Scarlett DLC to get the Sandhawk and then farm the loot train with that. You can also get the Jolly Roger early on in the Scarlett DLC (from a sidequest) which is an excellent shotgun, and unlike the Orphan Maker, doesn’t hurt you as well (though the self damage at L55 is manageable). If you were really, really desperate then have your Siren friend spec like this
http://bl2skills.com/siren.html#055401055000000000000505510541 and go into Normal mode and farm Pete’s bar for Torgue tokens. I don’t recommend it because it takes ages and you’ll outlevel the resulting gun quicker than you think, but it would get you Torgue tokens to pick up an on-level Harold back in UVHM.

never done those exapnsions so i might give it a shot
right now i tried to farm the first Assassin to get Emperor
i got 1 but its without any effect (crap!) and like 5 of hes blue Smg’s which are crap as well

i managed to find this crap Slag smg but it helps to slag then i switch weapon and kill

can you link me that Twitter page ? i managed to find 2 working key codes somewhere but the 10 keys that i used gave me nothing but crap
Gonna try get this Orphan maker now …
how do i start this expansion :smiley: ?

https://twitter.com/borderlands for golden keys, just scroll down till you find the current ones

Just go to the map where the expansion starts, for Scarlett it’s Oasis. Orphan Makes comes from the sidequest (the exclam mark in the top left of the map). You may have to do the first part of the main quest first, I don’t recall if it activates immediately or not. It’s not that hard anyway. For the Tina DLC, to the Unassuming Docks and then fight through the first part through Mr. Bony Pants. After you kill him, you can just run through the rest of the level. Do the stuff in Flamerock, then at the start of the next level, The Forest, you’ll see some big tree things and little tree things, the big ones can drop the Bee shield, which makes farming and big boss fights easier. For the Mercenary Day DLC, I think it’s called Marcus’ Mercenary Shop so pretty obvious there. After you beat the boss there, you get two big chests of loot that often have good drops.

Thanks gonna try get this Orphan maker or if i get lucky with the keys i can keep the main story…
i dont want to start the expansions because later i wont be able to get lvl 72 gear from them

Just wonder guys
im trying for like 9 times already to get a Rustlers Oprhan Maker and no luck yet.

any fast method to do it ?
im running from the entrance to Oasis to the bottle quest location over and over :<

Don’t get too hung up in missing some of the best BL2 content to wait to L72. To me the endgame is op8 anyway, though you’re probably better off getting comfortable at 72 before gaining op levels.

This is because of two things, 1) the next quest in any series scales to your level. So if you did the first couple of Tina DLC quests to get the Bee farming spot (and open up the possibility of the Florentine and Antagonist once you get Seraph crystals), you can then pause and the next series of quests will be at your new level. In addition, even if the quest is at L55, but you are at a higher level, the loot will scale from drops. This means that although the quest reward loot would be at L55, any boss drops and, for Snowflake, the loot train will be at your current level. This means you only need to avoid doing quests that give great rewards, which are few in number.
2) you can always re-set UVHM. I normally did a re-set around OP 5, to redo Scarlett DLC and usually farm a Bee for some quick loot to get to OP8, then I did another re-set at that level. It does re-set all quests unfortunately, no option to just re-set a specific DLC.

I enjoyed doing the expansions to gain levels because I was also tired of the main story at that point, but with BL2 one of the great things is there’s infinite ways to play it and no “wrong” way to play as long as you enjoying it

Edit: just saw your prev post, RNG is just that, random, I wouldn’t worry about parts at these levels, it’s a strong gun regardless

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