Just had a really nice experience on The Sentinel

More than any other mission, the Sentinel brings out the worst in people, especially random five-person teams. The layout is confusing for newcomers, it has by far the hardest opening battle, there are no group pads after the first lift (so experienced players can rush ahead, even to the bosses) and, of course, The Traps.

But tonight, for the first time, I was in a five person PUG and everything went right - without any mic communications at all. We stayed together and demolished the opening onslaught, with only a few deaths for our Mellka, who was low CR and clearly didn’t know yet what she was bouncing into. Everyone waited at every corner, team members ran back and used helpful pings when lower CRs got lost, every trap run was patiently observed and the fallen tended to, shards were shared, nobody was abandoned to fight even the lowliest Thrall…

It was very welcome after a string of less-than-stellar teams over the double credit weekend (players quitting after early deaths, shard hogging, even a game in which the sole ranged character quit just as we reached ISIC - very funny!) So I figured I’d share and see if anyone else has had good experiences lately. Share the happy feels!


Well said, agree with the physc behind this map with teams, congrats.

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I can’t say I ever had a bad experience. You get past that first battle and all is golden. I think people get overwhelmed and they start separating from each other.

Had a similar experience to you at least once (possibly twice?), which makes up for the opposite experience. I love it when A Team comes together!


I would gladly take bad teammates over the glitch fest of the final boss fight. I’ve already played 4 games where we had to wipe because the Sentinel froze mid invulnerability phase. Both before and after jumping on shard pad.

I thought that only happened if someone took the shards out too soon?

Before hearing of this bug I would take the shards out before the boss ever got to them. I did this quite a few times and I never had the boss bug out. In fact, I’ve never seen him bug out either way. I wonder what the trigger is to get him to bug out.

Anywho, I’ve had some awesome teams in the sentinel as well, but I normally end up having to pick a character that I’m good at if its on advanced since the majority of the times my groups get slaughtered at the beginning. So having games like @EdenSophia posted about is always a nice breath of fresh air.

Somehow, someone was able to body block or something, he just stood between the two. Even after we all agreed to not fire upon them until he was on the platform.

ive never experienced this. We’ve hit them before he even gets to the platform and turns right around. Good thing it hasn’t happened. 30 mins to get there and wipe?? hell no.

ive never experienced this. We’ve hit them before he even gets to the platform and turns right around. Good thing it hasn’t happened. 30 mins to get there and wipe?? hell no.

for it to occur, im pretty sure he has to be close enough to the platform for it to be in-between certain scripts. i havent had it happen to me enough (& dont really want to debug it atm) to be able to tell the exact causation.

When a team comes together, it’s an incredible experience. I’ve had a few, but not a lot, and you can tell from the first few seconds that it’s a team that’s going to work out. (I also happen to love The Sentinel for some reason.)

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Glad you had a good run!

Sentinel is actually one of my favorite missions, just because it’s gear-heavy and (IMO) quite fun. The first big engagement is designed (quite skillfully IMO) to split the players’ party, and to constantly subject the players to attack from multiple sides. It is a tough fight, but IMO a very satisfying one when people are doing it right.

The left path first encounter on Heliophage (thrall blitz on the temple steps) feels much, much harder to me (then Sentinel first engagement) in a full 5-person group. All the thralls have tons of HP and do vicious damage. I think that’s where I’ve seen the most wipes, most consistently. Mostly it seems to be because there’s not a lot of cover and the gunners do try to flank.

Are you on PC or PS4? I’d like to join your group if on PS4.

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PS4 :slight_smile: My PSN is EdenSF, feel free to add me! And to be honest, I didn’t consider the Heliophage when I was writing my post… I’ve never actually queued for a public game of Heliophage. Only played it solo. I do enjoy the mission, but I’m apprehensive I might end up having to carry an inexperienced team through it. I’d love to try it with a good team though!


I’ve only been able to complete it twice on Advanced and I found that the smaller the team, the more likely you’re able to win. I’ve also played with full teams before and while we never got to complete it, it worked out well enough.

Unlike the other missions, the Heliophage seems to demand certain types to able to get through it okay (so you need a healer, you need that heavy, you need a rogue, etc), whereas other missions you can be whoever you want to be and push through it without any problem.

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@EdenSophia, I have had pretty much the same experience. This map is a make or break moment for many players.

Typically, the team comes down the ice hill. Hits the drop and splits up. Some go for the Bonecrushers, some for the shards. That’s the moment. People start going down, revives lead to more revives and party collapses.

Or not. Some pull together and figure out they need to stick together and work as a team. Some don’t and start rage quitting or calling each other names. Fast characters run for far off reaches to “stay safe” only find themselves cut off. It’s general anarchy.

There is the rare team that knows to stick together and play their part but when it works it is beautiful.

Thanks for this post.


I’ll add you tonight. My PSN is Dreaming_Sky, just like the username here.

Are you in Australia? Just totally guessing, and for the record, I am in Tennessee (USA).

It definitely requires some defined roles for the team. I think there is some flexibility who the actual roles can be, but yes, you better have a (SKILLED) healer, you better have reliable DPS, you’re well served to have someone with Stealth for revives… stuff like that.

All that said Heliophage is quite fun when everything is working. IMO the two most frustrating parts of it are that engagement on the temple steps (SO MANY THRALLS) and the first phase of Rendain himself (too easy to get knocked off if you don’t get out of center quickly enough). Once you can get past those two things, IMO the rest of the mission, while challenging, is fun.

I’ve had a couple of good games recently. One on the Sentinal with only an 80-something Alani for company while I was Galilea, and one on the Saboteaur with a low level team ALSO as Galilea. I believe there was a Benedict, an Oscar Mike, a Rath, and (I think) a Ghalt on this team.

The Alani was very patient with me considering I’d accidentally specced into Sentinal Stance instead of It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, forcing me to be more up close and personal and slightly less helpful than I’d usually be at level 3+… We managed incredibly well, considering; with only three deaths between us; two of which were from attempting revivals near one of the traps, and the last one from me messaging the Alani in the middle of battle because they’d gotten stuck in the environment. They had to drop out then come back in again, but we ended the mission on a high note with no further deaths or glitches. C:

The Saboteuar mission went surprisingly well too, despite me being the only super high CR member of the group. Three people were only between CR levels three and eight… But we completed it with only about two or three deaths between us; and with Nova intact too! Me speccing into Chaotic Infusion really helped keep everyone alive and they all seemed grateful for it, which I was SUPER happy about.

I’ve had plenty more nice interactions - a Shayne and Reyna who exchanged lots of taunts with me during The Archive for one - but those were the most recent. :slight_smile:

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I got that joke/reference. Many thanks for that! :smile_cat: