Just had to share this

probably the most amusing thing ive had happen in a while. I couldn’t stop laughing after this. Enjoy.


Nice! Lol. What the crap was that miko doing though?

The double. (Nearly perfect gear choice, if you could get an LLC pin)

dying? getting rekt? don’t really know but you meet some really odd play styles out there.

wasnt that an LLC pin?

Do you stream? I would actually like to watch you play Deande. You seem to have some neat plays

Also are you on PSN or XB1?

PSN. and no i dont stream, but I am trying to throw together a few montages that should be very entertaining. I just need a few more clips to get the first one done but I don’t know how long that will take

Oops I meant Jennerit epic shield

yea i wish i had that flawed and perfect. but free is good enough for now.

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Niiice. Done that a few times meself, but Deande’s gravity-defying kick is just perfect for it.

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The absolute disrespect. One of the funniest things that I have ever seen.


Looks like Deande and Whiskey are having some relationship issues :smile:


what’s your helix build for deande?

That is a complicated question to answer as it can vary quite a bit from match to match. However you will almost always see me running a shield stacking build that incorporates calculated risk at the very least. apart from that and Dopplegangup everything can change depending the enemy and how I feel like playing.