Just hit lvl 72, cleaning out my backpack of my lower leveled legendaries

Just hit level 72 and have decided to give away my lower leveled legendaries, what I have is listed below just let me know if you want anything! :slight_smile:

Rapid Infinity Pistol (lvl 50)
Loaded Hornet (Lvl 53)
Akurate Slagga (Lvl 50)
Burning Infinity (Lvl 50)
Stiff Unkempt Harold (Lvl 50)
Rubberized Fire Bee (Lvl 50)
Sham (Lvl 72)
Rubberized Bonus Package (Lvl 58)

Prudential Prowler (Lvl 58)
Fwap a dee! (Lvl 58)
Stocking Bazooka (Lvl 58)
Longitudinal Transaction (Lvl 58)
Lucid Provacateur (Lvl 58)
Akurate BLASSter (Lvl 58)
Quality Subcompact MG (Lvl 58)
Ballanced Plasma Caster (Lvl 58)
Bowie Revolver (Lvl 58)
Refill Special (Lvl 58)
Royal Splatgun (Lvl 58)
Unending TMP (Lvl 58)
Redy Stedy Oberkil (Lvl 58)

Sorry for the very long post but hit me up on PS4 if you would like anything, my PSN is Wafflebro99

Hi could I possibly have your discharge infinity, caustic infinity, the sham and the black hole? My PSN is : CHOCxRAMPAGE

Sure i’ll send you a friend request on PSN I should be on in a little bit

Thanks I sent you a message on ps4

Id really appreciate that badaboom. My psn is jackmistro2

Sure, I’ll add you and drop off the badaboom for you

U still have some wepons?
I would Take some😊

Sure there’s plenty what would you like?

I already added U in psn my Name ist the undertheker
Thank US so much☝