Just how is Moxy's Live Wire Mose Build getting Amp EVERY shot?

Build is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11TVZ0UYUes&t=9s

And yeah it’s a bit gimmicky because one “version” of it uses a level 1 ReRouter…

But he is claiming Amp damage for EVERY shot with a Redistributor.

Yes…Intital and 7th shot would be amped…and yes a level one would rebuild almost instantly. But with a Redistributor FR of 10 Rounds a second…it would have to rebuild instantly in 1/10th of a second or 10 times every second. In his video…it is rebuilding fast…but not THAT fast.

He’s using a Bloodletter with health rebuild and an artifact with health rebuild…all “per second” with about a 300 total rebuild that is channeled to his very small level one shield because of the bloodletter.

What I am thinking is that he is getting a LOT of amped shots…but nowhere near ALL shots being amped…and it’s a hell of a lot of damage anyway.

What am I missing…where is my logic failing.

Doesn’t moze Regen shield on every crit?
I haven’t watched the video btw.

Think I figured it out…

Description on the Rerouter…I misunderstood or misread it:

“When fully charged, the next shot drains 50% of the shield charge to deal 120% bonus amp damage and return it as health.”

Bloodletter is instantly rebuilding that small shield from given amp damage as health…pumped back into the shield.


So you can switch health regen on com and artifact to something else.

Sadly moze can be doing this better with a purple amp shield + health regen; would have better choice of weapons too, only thing about it is its an extreme glass cannon setup whereas she gets hit, she’ll be going down.
On a normal instant exit build, 1 in every 3-4 shots would be amped due to the recharge boost from BtIC and FCoW; leaves choice for other coms than a bloodletter

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Yeah between the actual Amp shots returning health and the class mod and relic giving health, its all going right to the shield again. So its not just per second health regen but on hitting enemies which procs a lot faster. So in fact the higher the fire rate, the faster and more often the Amp shots will return damage as health.

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Interesting… :thinking:

Theoretically, especially with a level 1 Rerouter to boot, one might not even need health regen on the class mod or relic at all. Though probably a lot riskier to go that route.

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Would a Shredder with an extremely high fire rate be even better…and with that big mag…and mozes BM tree…you are never reloading AND every shot is getting +120 Amp.

he is Picking the Redistributor for the chaining…I get that…

But for pure Gun Damage on a non splash weapon

Problem would be if you went down…youd need a launcher or something because hitting M4 enemies without the amp and some anoints…with a shredder would be…

Not good…

How does the rerouter treat x2 or x3 variants? Or something like the dictator with unlisted pellets??

No idea, don’t have a level 1 version to test it and under fire the properly leveled versions are still out-damaged by enemy fire more than the Amp healing can keep up with most times. I’ve had a Bloodletter/Rerouter combo going on Moze for awhile, though mine is (currently) Terror oriented so its also for added ammo regen. I didn’t get a good gun with a Terror health regen on it before the event ended so not sure how that’d mesh with that.

Its entirely possible though, personally I find the whole concept getting a little close to cheesing the game, relying on level 1 Stop Gaps, Rerouters and Brawler Wards rather than properly leveled gear.

Also might depend on Anointments, something like a 5% health regen on ASE might be enough to close whatever gap might exist with/without health regen on the com and relic too.

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But I’m getting to the point that trying to call one thing an exploit…another a glitch…and another just smelly cheese…is becoming very hard for me.

I LOVED to Tediore chuck in BL2…some of my Raid Time Trial stuff is still on the old leader boards.

I spent 6 weeks getting a fantastic Tediore setup together…only to have all my buds thumb their noses at me…for…cheesing…lol


But you gave me great info…and I personally wondered if this could be effective with a Level 50 Rerouter…

Cuz that’s all I have…lol

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things like the shreddifier suffer from the same problem, and is why they’re not good options on moze: the base damage on them is way too low.

moze needs weapons with high base damage to make due on her skill bonuses. its the same reason why lucians, shreddifiers, etc do really poorly with mindsweeper.


Re-router amps only 1 pellet on normal (1 across x3 - x25 projectiles), but will boost unlisted off of 1 projectile(so all unlisted are boosted - lyuda, craps etc); hence why i mentioned using a purple amp shield for more choice in weapons


critical kill not on crit

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Normally correct. But with rerouter + bloodletter - its every (amped) hit;

it actually divides the amp bonus across all pellets. tested it last night with an x2 pellet weapon vs an x1. so it effectively acts as if 1 pellet gets boosted, but it spreads that damage evenly across all pellets.

So in the problem of its 120% doing less of a damage boost than an x2 amp shield (50%); which has the bug? (X5 - x25 will illustrate this better)

yea, on any pellet count higher than x2, the 50% amp shields will provide a higher bonus.

EDIT: its also of note that other legendary shields with 50% amp parts will also still have their particular effects, and so you can take advantage of the damage bonus, plus something else.


I had an amped BBB with health roll, either 10% or brimming idk, feel like it was the latter, plus amp and I sold it, because the sitorak bug convinced me that the 22% weapon damage was a better roll. So I sold it. Man do I feel like a putz. Pretty sure I sold a god roll. :frowning:

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yeah i got a 50% amp BBB from graveward just testing damage the other night. started to test it and turns out its totally useable. the shield recharges so fast naturally that you still get amps off regularly, and then the boosters pretty much guarantee amps under fire.

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