Just how many forms does the legendary phoenix have?!

I don’t know what possesed me to do MM3 and encounter this. Also I’m single player.

I’m Lvl 47 and it first emerge as a Lvl 47, after that it went to 48…49…50…, folks it’s Lvl 55 now! WHEN DOES IT STOP OMG did my game break? Anyone who did this to chime in? I’m going crazy here.


Lvl 57 omg


It’s broken isn’t it?

Lvl 58… OK. That’s enough. Screw this. I legit fought it for 10 freaken rounds straight. I’ll come back to it without MM later on.

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Good talk.


I ran my Phoenix up to 59. At 56 the red devil icon appeared next to the name and “Legendary” prefix showed up at some point. I was using a vehicle and shooting it from afar. I went back later with a buddy and we killed it 3 times to completion. Maybe it was because I was shooting it while not standing on the plateau?

Damn, I didn’t realize this has been a problem for so long. I got mine up to lvl 56, and it one shotted me through almost 25k of shield. Looks like another bug for the devs to put on their to do list.

You gotta stand in the area before the third kill