Just how many skills can land critical hits?

So I know that there are some skills out there that can land critical hits just like any normal attack and some of them make a lot of sense (burst dash, injection) but I recently learned of a weird one: Catalytic Smash can land critical hits with the extra attack added with the Crimson Fastness helix choice.

So what skills can actually land crits?

I’ll make a list of the ones I know and update it with with your comments.

  • Sublimate (Kelvin)
  • Volley (Thorn)
  • Burst Dash (Deande)
    *Holotwin (Deande)
  • Catalytic Smash (Rath, with Crimson Fastness)
  • Bola (Kid Ultra)
  • Blade Rush (Phoebe)
  • Dual-Wield (Ghalt-technically is a skill)
  • Hailstorm (Montana-also technically a skill)
  • Injection (Pendles)
  • Core Discharge (Toby)
  • Scrap Cannon (Whiskey Foxtrot)
  • Overdrive (Whiskey Foxtrot-also also technically a skill)
    *Omega Strike (ISIC)
    *Rotating wards(ISIC, with You Dropped These!)
    *Mansformation (Montana, with Instant Payback)
    *Nullify (Orendi)
    *Liftoff (Benedict)
    *Claw Lunge (Mellka)
    *Blade Launcher (Mellka)
    *Riptide (Alani)

Oh and while we are on the topic of critical hits, for anyone that doesn’t know: Benedict, Earnest and Kid Ultra cannot land critical hits with their normal attacks.


Sublimate can land crits? I didn’t know that. And yes, Blade Rush and Volley can both land crits.

Volley and Blade Rush can definitely land crits.

  • Benedict’s Liftoff can crit quite easily (taking the knockback makes it deal 1 damage so you get credited knockoff kills just like Reyna’s ult).
  • Ambra’s Solar Wind doesn’t give crit damage, but it plays the crit sound if you aim at a head.
  • I’m fairly certain Caldarius’ Gravitic Burst can crit, but I don’t play him enough to be able to say for sure
  • Mellka’s Claw Lunge can crit.
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Claw Lunge (Mellka)
Holotwin (Deande)
Liftoff (Benedict, 50% sure. Might be ‘Make Some Room’ helix that does it.)
Blade Launcher (Mellka)
Rotating Wards (ISIC, with ‘You Dropped These!’)
Omega Strike (ISIC)
Mansformation (Montana, I’m sure with ‘Instant Payback’ it’d be the same as ISIC’s Wards)

I’m sure there are more, but this is what I’ve got for now. And I don’t know how you classify things like Boldur’s and El dragon’s Ults.

Try to test things like Gravitic Burst (Caldarius) and Nullify (Orendi).

Nullify I’m pretty sure can crit but it’s quite difficult to land.

Boldur’s Axe Toss and Galilea’s Shield Throw both don’t do crits.

How does sublimate crit

Shanes boomerangs
edit: Lumberjack opps, it’s listed as a talent, not a skill.

Shayne’s boomerang isn’t a skill.

Not sure but I’ve definatley seen the critical damage pop up. Also in PvE you can one shot skulks with it. It’s a bit inconsistent and the damage is so low it’s not much of an increase. I land critical hits often with it though.

That is very odd, off topic question do you know penta kill lines or killstreaks lines

I think that one of Boldur’s kill streak lines is “Boldur will celebrate by eating everything poisonous, AND LIVING ANYWAY!!!”

If you want we can do some private games and test the kill streak lines if you are on PS4.

Does Pendle’s injection crit? I think it does but I am not sure.

Sadly I’m not on PS4 but that boldur line is AWESOME

Yes it does, and it DAMN HURTS

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Yes and it’s really useful against Miko the poor mushroom.

I should clarify that I’m not 100% sure if that was from a killstreak because when it happened I got a kill streak, a double kill, and a level up and maybe something else but I didn’t notice. It was a very chaotic moment and I heard it after killing two people and running for my life.

It’s all ok

Are you sure sublimate can crit? I need to test that.

I think any damaging skill can crit as long as it lands on the crit hit box… I’ve seen Alani’s riptide crit, even Benedict’s liftoff can land a crit…