Just let me play incursion please

Background: played Beta on PS4, the Incursion mode sold me. Bought game on release. Of course I bought Overwatch too, totally different games. Tried to point this out on message boards such as GAF but of course it was fighting against the tide. Played Battleborn and enjoyed it for many hours. Drifted away, as tends to happen.

Now, I’m back with the “FTP endless demo” or whatever. 60fps is fantastic. But now Incursion is further buried in a sea of ■■■■■■■■ multiplayer modes. From release, and now it’s even more obvious, Gearbox doesn’t know the strength of their own game. INCURSION is the spiritual successor to Monday Night Combat and is the perfect game mode that brings out all of Battleborn’s strengths. When they should have doubled down on this mode, instead they pollute the waters with other pvp modes that do not play to the strengths of the game.

So now I’ve returned, reinvigorated to play again, enjoying the 60fps only to discover that I can’t play the best mode, the only significant mode of this game, without having to endure these other subpar pvp modes. This new mode with turning in the masks or whatever? I’ve suffered through four matches now and it’s just awful. AWFUL. WHY?

Just let me play Incursion 24/7 and I’m in. Otherwise there is a metric f*ckton of other games out there siren calling for my attention. And I’m gone. Incursion would keep me.


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