Just leveling my 46 mechromancer

willing to join others or you can join me message me at skilledtigerz ill play most of the time unless im with my crew

I have a slayer of terramorphous mod. Please take it, I don’t need it.

ok ill take it

Send me another invite please. My Xbox is being weird.

you could try inviting me to your game

My Xbox keeps timing out for this game.

try hard resetting your xbox but if it doesnt work we can try again later

I’m inviting you now. If that doesn’t work, I’ll hard reset.

Apparently my network options were the problem.

let me know if you get it working

its not letting me join that sucks maybe another time

Yeah, it’s annoying. I’ll try to mess around with my wifi.

I would play but I’m a lil higher level

how high im almost to 48

Thanks for trading with me and dueling

no problem

Level 59

oh if you want i can add you and play when im a higher level