Just looking for cool peeps to game with in the pre sequel

Hey so I just started yesterday and it has been pretty dang boring playing this for the first time by myself… so I am just looking for anyone that’s willing to help or just chill with…i do have a mic if that matters at all…hahaha… my psn is chappy24 hit me up… look forward to some awesome adventures!!!

well Id like to play with you, but im a level 50 :confused:

i am level 12! I am getting there…just kinda boring…because I play with my network open to the public…but nobody ever joins =(

i would join but i wont be home to get on for a couple days :cry:

Hmu just started few days ago lvl 10 mic included Straws_stealer ps4

Level 50something assassin

Psn drinkingcloud

I have a mic

Do you still need help? I want a coop partner