Just looking for friends

Im just looking for some people who wanna play any level any skill set. We can power lvl we can farm we can just play. Send me a request if interested

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Do u play on ps4?

Just add me an we can play

Is your PSN the same as your forum user name?

Yes, swechris86 lvl52

Anybody still down to play

Just add me swechris86

Thatguysh4rk. I’ll run around with anyone

Hi, is the offer still valid? I am Selvador level 52

PSN: MidnightGamer124

send me a request, looking for ppl to play with

PSN: mrmagoomc4
requests welcome

Anyone still down to play? Lvl 45 Salvador been playing since the game first came up not a newbie​:joy::100:

PDM: ENDizguiste
Add me To :3

Anybody down to play PSN: VERTwoody lvl 51 gunzerker

Feel free to add me too!
Level 58 Mechromancer
PSN: respect8711
Timezone: -5 GMT (Eastern Time Zone)

Please just message me that you’re from these forums, so I know. Cheers!

Level 80 sal

Add me on psn