Just looking for people to game with

Just started a character the other day. I’m level 14 and I’m on ‘A Train To Catch’, and I’m also doing all side quests. If someone has a game around there, wants to join mine, or even wants to start a new character, send me a message. I don’t have any friends who play BL and this game is boring solo, lol. GT: Hazy JT.

I’d love to GT: BIG BAD JAM3S message on xbox one when you wanna play

i wouldnt mind joining im on xbox one gt is kandiiking

I’ll send you a friend request for the next time I’m online.

Add me all, lvl 14 Zero. GT:DanTheMan2013

I just started the game too, But im familiar with the game if anyone wants to play,

HMU on GT:Kaye2dajaye99