Just looking for some people to play with

Just looking for some guys to play with, took a long break but back into it now, have a level 50 Commando and am currently trying to level up my Gunzerker to max (wouldn’t mind some help with that if someone can)

I have all DLC and can go to lvl 72, just need some help with it. Got a bunch of legendaries on my commando to,

Send me a friend request - lukeyboi23

You can add me if you want. Gamertag is the same as my forum name. I can help you with your gunzerker getting to 72 and through some op levels. Later op levels we will need some help :slight_smile:

Count me in for the OP levels

I can help with op levels as well

If you’re in need of another player if someone who already jumped in doesn’t show up, let me know. I can give a hand with the OP levels as well.

My gamer tag is GeneralNitemare. I don’t have a mic, as I don’t use them that often, only really to abuse people in Search on COD.