Just lost 11 Lvl 72 gear pieces WTF GEARBOX!

Just going through my playthrough of Kreig in UVHM. I AM Lvl 72 and I exit out the game to the main menu just to take a break… I come back and have an in game pop up message saying that I don’t have all the additional content so apparently the game thinks im at Lvl 61. I didn’t think anything of it because the game is just buggy… But I just hopped in my game and 11 of my Lvl 72 weapons are just GONE!!

Casual Carnage
Legendary sickle
Legendary torch
Legendary reaper
Practicable Slow Hand(fire, corr, shock)
Rabid kitten(shock)
Resolute kitten(corr)
Ferocious kitten(slag, fire)

I’m done playing this buggy a** game until this is fixed

Okay then. Software sometimes goes wrong. It’s bad when it happens. Have you submitted a support request to here?

I just did. Psychic I love this game it’s just a very frustratingly common bug and it’s finally reached me. I placed my ticket but I’ll be playing binding of Issac til it’s rectified. I’ll miss Pandora but this game breaking bug… I just can’t

Understood. I Hope it gets sorted soon.