Just lost a legendary

Playing as FL4K and I dropped my ASE maggie (that I just farmed for 5 hours to get) on sanctuary. Then when I turn around it’s gone and its not showing up im my lost loot tracker. So it either fell through the ground or my pet ate it. Is there anyway I can get it back? If not then im honestly done with this ■■■■■■■ game and uninstalling it.


Well have a good one I guess.


No other way to get it unless you have a backup save before that happen. Honestly you’ll have to use the bank next time to hold your best item. Dropping them on Sanctuary is not a good idea as it glitches through the floor. Happens to several people so far

I have done that as well. Droped a lego in front of bank for my mule to pick up and it was gone. Droped loot doesnt go to the loot machine.

You on xbox

I’ve lost numerous items on sanctuary. They usually fall through the floor. If you need to drop I suggest at least dropping on the table. Look on the bright side, at least your whole vault wasn’t wiped clean.

It’s one of the bugs that has been there since the game has launched and people have complained about it so much that everyone just pretty much assumes it’s never going to be fixed now.

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As it seems to be a hard issue to fix; maybe 1 of the sanctuary npc’s should warn of loot gnomes… personally i just use the table or the space infront of the lost loot machine

Where in Sanctuary is the loot falling through the floor? I’d like to confirm.

Most have been sinking when dropped in the room you have your vault.

I… don’t think I’ve ever dropped anything in there? Maybe like right in front of the safe? That’s a sketchy spot to have this sort of thing. I’ma check it out.

How’d you drop your Maggie, or rather why

The theory I’ve heard is that its a Fl4k specific problem having to do with the pet. The pets appear not to clip/ allows the player to pass right through them, likely to avoid getting players stuck inside a doorway or the like. Then, when the item drops, it can fall right through.

Another possibility is that the pet did, in fact, eat it, because that happens sometimes. I’ve never seen them eat a legendary, but maybe its flagged as junk and fair game for the pet to eat when dropping it. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to unsummon the pet/respec if you need to drop something on the ground for whatever reason.

If it was that important, it seems a bit daft to just toss it on the ground in the first place.

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I’ve had this happen in front of the machines at Marcus as well when I was throwing something down for my buddy playing Fl4k and it went right through the floor. Luckily it wasn’t anything that great and just something he wanted to try. As far as my Zane and my main gear it will never touch the floor or be unfavorited. I’ve thrown down plenty in front of the lost loot machine and never had an issue though.

Sometimes I drop things on the floor to do inventory management, ooops I guess I 'll stop doing that like forever :sweat_smile: And yeah doing backup saves on usb or cloud is a good idea this I do on a regular basis

@SneedCannon. Are you on Xbox?

This is not a problem with only Flak. I’ve had it happen to both Zane and Amara. Just the other day I was cleaning up my bank and had several things disappear. It was ok because it was stuff I was tossing anyways. I’ve had it happen in the main lobby and in your room. I dropped 4 things on the floor the other day and pulled up my bank again. When I backed out of my menu the 4 items vanished. They didn’t fall through the floor they simply vanished. Anything I want to keep gets dropped on the tables. Jump up on the table and look at your feet before dropping items. I haven’t had anything disappear from the tables.

I have had numerous legendaries drop through he floor in Sancuary when giving stuff to mules, but there is a safe spot on the solid grey area at the top of the stairs going down to Ellie etc. Go right as you leave your room and walk a few paces, basically.

Use some lower level weapons first, and find your own safe spot in the future, it probably varies from player to player. I mean, why would this game have a perfectly solid floor :roll_eyes:

If you’re on xbox I can help with replacement Maggie ASE100