Just Lost ALL my cosmetics, equipments and Guardian Ranks


I’ve been playing in Xbox One, with Moze, got lv 50 just today.

It happened that my brother logged in my account in our other device, that kicked me out when I was playing. When I got back, I got this message saying that my save was corrupted and asked me If It should be rewritten… I choose ‘yes’, fearing to lose my characters.

After that, all of them was still there. But something weird happened: I lost ALL my cosmetics (Heads, skins, weapons skins, weapons trinkets, everything), I got back to Guardian Rank 1 (yet having all the points invested) and ALL my equipments in the safe was gone!!! What should I do?


I just had this happen last weekend. The game froze whenI tried to join his game. I was pretty chocked at first, I chose no and it just started like normal


There’s two types of save file in Borderlands games - including BL3. One is the profile.sav which contains all your common items - basically the things you lost. The other is the individual character save files.

My guess is that the profile.sav file got nuked somehow when your brother logged in and you got kicked out of the game - if the profile.sav had been updating at the time, that would have done the trick. Normally, you’d be able to re-sync from the cloud if you removed your local game saves and restarted the game quickly enough. I’m not sure whether that would work in this case.

I’m also puzzled as to why you would get kicked from the game when your brother signed in, unless he also started up BL3 under your account? I’ve been signed in on XB1 and 360 simultaneously before, although obviously not trying to play the same game.

Best bet at this point would be to contact either GBX/2K support or MS support and see what they suggest. Link is in the sticky post at the top of this section.


Maybe I should have said “no” to that dialogue box, but at the time I didn’t think this could happen :T

I tried to delete my savegame to replace with the one on the cloud (following your suggestion on another post, that I found when looking for help), but as you thought, It was already too late.

He couldn’t play BO3 too because our game is a physical media. So he logged In, I got kicked out from my own account. Without being connected to an account, I got kicked from my game.

PS.: I already opened a ticket for 2K, I’ll look for MS support now. If I could just download an older version of my savegames from the cloud… I bet that they have those, but don’t let us access it

PS2: Just talked to Microsoft support. They didn’t have older versions on cloud, every new savegame uploaded overwrite the old one :T

It would be really nice to have incremental saves on XBox. Or at least give us access so we can make our own additional backups on USB (like the 360). I wouldn’t even care if it was encrypted, just so long as I could use it to revert a corrupted save.

Also, apparently your brother owes you big time…

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