Just lost all my Guardian Rank

I just logged back on and I lost all my guardian ranks I had over 60 ranks. Gone just like that.

I just exit the game towards the main menu and my pc crash for some reason. Now im stuck with no guardian ranks. TVHM half way into the story.

I cant believe guardian ranks are tied to something that could get corrupted?

All my settings went back to default and my character was not there. Thankfully I open the character menu and was able to salvage my character but all my guardian ranks are gone, my VAULT IS EMPTY and all my golden keys are gone? WTH?

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This is a joke, do we need to have our saves get backup every hour on the dot or every play-through we finish? Even though im sure this will not help your vault items or golden keys.

This seems to be stored elsewhere. Backup everyday after your play session. This is actually not ok by any standards of gaming.

Yes I am so sick of this ■■■■, i lost my character once and had to restart because of that dumb cloud save issue. Now my power goes out and I lose my bank and guardian ranks. I thought Gearbox was a Triple AAA game company not some indie startup.

Edit: Lost all my skins and SDU’s as well

i just lost all my ranks, skins, and i still cant use my mailbox even though it says i have mail.

I too just lost my ranks.
Amazing how my saves all work fine BUT my ranks get deleted? HOW? For what reason can that get messed up alone?
If I lost the character that earned them I could maybe understand but to lose them and nothing else at all is flat out ridiculous. 65+ ranks gone.
Can’t even bring myself to play now cause it’ll likely happen again.

cloud save has nothing to do with GB an power outage can erase anyones data. i would be upset to but i dont think they could do anything even if they wanted to in this case.

Banks and guardian ranks are not saved in the characters saves they are saved in the options saves

I think people are deleting options saves to reset the options and this causing the losses


Game saves: This are located in your Documents > My Game> Borderlands 3 > Saved > SaveGames

1.sav is your characters save.
profile.sav <- Holds your golden keys, banks items, other stuff etc.

After a lot of progress through the story or in game, copy and paste them in a different location in your computer to backup them. Label them and keep a couple of dates on backup just in case. etc.


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to add to this if u are a console player make u a back up an put it on a usb…
settings- save data -bl3 -profile save - settings save -copy both to flash drive and u have a back up of ur game …hope that helps…

Same exact thing just happened to me tonight. so pissed.

Backup your saves OFFLINE and you won’t have that issue any longer. Don’t rely on cloud saving.

I’ve said this before …

Game saves only hold character information

The profile save holds badass ranks and gear in the vaults …

One of the first things you’re asked to do when you create a support ticket is delete the profile save … And people blindly do …

Some people will want to put setting back to default and will often delete the profile save as a short cut … Not realising the attached data with in the file

So ask your self have you deleted this item for any reason … Note the game save Bute the profile data … If so … Your fault no one else’s … If you have not … Log a report with GBX support

Well … after the maliwan takedown contents i can’t use the aim down sights token in ffyl and maybe some other tokens. Is there something to do?

If i back up to a external hard drive connected to my xbox will this work to prevent loss of data if this happens again or will the files from both internal and external be corrupt? I know this post is old im new to the site haven’t figured out where to post questions yet