Just lost over 30 hours of progress

Just finished the game went to work and went I came back I had lost my save is there a way to get my character back? Was level 43 had so many legendaries and was really stocked to activate mayhem mode but then this happened…

There’s a few threads about this already, what platform are you on? If you’re on PC I have a 34 Fl4ak character I can email you my save files. Heck we’ll probably have to start some sort of database of characters for people to download from if this keeps up.

When i first heard about this issue happening to people i immediately made a backup of my save files, every time im done playing i make another backup. If this happens to me im ready, although this is not something that should be happening in the first place.

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After reading this, im backing up my game saves to USB every 5-10 levels (ps4).

Thx for the warning, sry u lost rare gear :frowning:


when it asks…never download from cloud, always update to cloud

PC users, make a spare folder with a copy of your player save files and profile, make it a habit to update the folder after you quit the game.

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sounds reasonable thanks!

What is triggering this to happen? I am on Xbox and I just want to make sure I don’t do anything that would trigger this.

I’m a noob… how do you back up save files? I’m on X1 if that matters.

If you have ever the problem with damaged data, all you need to do, is to restore your character save. Since this save always include the same information, there is a real good chance to have your character back @ where you just left it.
Can only tell for PS4+ but I am pretty sure, that this is working on every platform. Use the “advantage” given by PSN to backup your data via automatic upload might also help to have a safe backup. Still mad since PS4 release about paying for multiplayer exp… :confused:

On XB1 there’s no way to back up your own saves. You’re basically dependent on the built in Cloud Sync.

I’m on ps4 now but when I played Borderlands on my 360 I always used an usb to back up my saves. Isn’t that an option anymore on Xbox?

I am nub. How do you back up save files on PC :smiley:

The format should be the same as the other games :

Documents — my games — borderlands 3 — willowgame — savedata — #############

Your first character should be “Save0001.sav”.
Copy / paste that on a thumb drive.

You should see that same file repeated with .bak as an additional suffix. Ignore that.

If something goes awry, move the existing save file to your desktop (until you’re sure you haven’t messed anything up). Copy your backed up save file from the thumb drive to the above folder.

If that fixes the issue, you can safely delete the save from the desktop.

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Sounds simple enough, thanks :smiley:

VERY IMPORTANT!: Just to make it very clear - Jefe and I were only talking about the “CHARACTER-SAFE-FILE” as he already figured for PC, it should be named “Save0001.sav”. The .bak normally includes backup-information for that save.

For PC it should, therefore, be enough to simply “copy&paste” the “.sav” and the ".bak"to your desktop - just to have them save in case something is going extremely weird, then delete the “.sav” which is still left in the folder of the game or wherever the save files are saved and rename the “.bak” to “.sav

PS4 player simply needs to re-download or rewrite a backup-file of the related character-file to the game related path, but that’s actually almost impossible to fail, since the system is restricted enough to keep fails low ^^
Depending to your language settings, the specific file should be named exactly for what it is or rather, the files, are there for.

Leave the other save-files untouched, since you might otherwise overwrite game progress, too.

If everything is running good again, do another backup on an additional storage place - Somewhere where you can assure, that the files will stay untouched until you might need it again.
PC: All fine again? Delete destructive files from desktop to avoid restoring a new fail-situation with an old one and backup the “working-again-save”.


The path is slightly different to BL2. It should be:

  • windows_username\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 3\Saved\SaveGames\epic_userid

Note that there’s also a profile.sav file somewhere in that path which looks suspiciously like it should be backed up as well.

And no, XB1 does not give you the ability to make back-up saves to external storage media like it did on 360.

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Profile in BL2 contains badass rank, Clappy’s storage, gold keys. So definitely.

when it asks to SYNC i always load to cloud i do not load from cloud

it asked me to sync on 22 sep, the cloud save had a date of 21 sept. in this case save loaded from cloud would have lost me hours of play and setting progress to previous day.

i recommend saving your player saves and profile daily

if you play on other PCs, (maybe other platforms), you should have your files on a another folder, thumb drive or storage stick, going off the cloud may set the game at a point to where past on another PC

If you’re on PC then strongly consider simply disabling cloud saving. Go to your Epic Library, click the “…” (used to be a cog wheel), and it should have a toggle.

I had my save corrupt at the final mission, but I found responses on reddit that recommended joining a friends game (which uncorrupted the save). I’ve had no save related issues since disabling cloud saves and I know multiple streamers that’ve been preaching to disable cloud saving since Day 1.