Just my luck. see you all in a few months

The day before Alani comes out, who I wanna use, the roommate whose TV I’ve been using said they are moving out and need the TV back so I no longer have an HDMI TV to hook my ps4 up to :frowning:

Can’t wait to get back in this game hopefully I find a new job and get a new TV soon. Maybe Gearbox needs another character designer lol.

(I know this an off topic topic but I’m actually sad I can’t play anymore since I got really into this game)

Wow, sorry to hear that man. Its weird problem to have that I’ve not heard before. “Can’t play, no TV.”

Do you have anyone with a Costco membership? They sometimes have sweet, sweet deals on TVs.

Also, you could peruse TV company websites for refurbished TVs. They are cheaper and often times much better condition because you had an actual technician fully review the item.

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Where are you from? The chances of you being anywhere near me are ridiculously slim, but I could help you out if you are

Didn’t think of that. Was just gonna hit up best buy.

Thanks but I’m socal lol

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That’s harsh ! Your roommate didnt tell you beforehand they were leaving ?
My own roommate, so many years ago, told me he would leave “in a few month” only to finally leave “in less than a month”, and even then I found that was quite short-noticed :stuck_out_tongue: Granted that also meant I had to find a new flat as I could never afford the cost alone.

Oh well.

Hope you find a solution! TVs and even PC monitors can be quite cheap nowdays - you may find something not cutting-edge but perfectly viable for less than maybe 500 euros ( for a tv ) or less than 150 or 100 for a monitor. Better than nothing I guess !

Hope you find a tv soon then! Sorry to hear you’re stuck in this situation :sweat:

Do you have a Computer? Chances are, if you do, the monitor is HDMI - you can hook it up to that, or if it’s nit, there are DVI to HDMI adapters. Try one of those.

My cousin plays his PS4 on his Laptop, by plugging it in a side HDMI port.

I wouldn’t go to Best Buy.

Craig’s list or even pawn shops if you’re hard up for a tv.

Check for local hotels who are updating their interiors. They have to be up to code for appliances and will replace all their tvs, even after a few years.

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Well that’s unfortunate, sorry to read that you have found yourself in such a disheartening situation…
I believe the universe works in mysterious ways…
Hopefully the desire you have to play Battleborn, will bring about the changes you need to get that TV…
Whether it’s that new job you seek, a sale/bargain on a TV, or even a new housemate with a better TV, haha…
I hope you recieve the happiness you seek in playing Battleborn again, asap!

Get yourself a crappy tube-TV for 20 bucks as a temporary tv


you could always try finding a cheap vita for a temp fix, dread to think what its like playing battleborn on a screen that size though.

Wait. Battle born is on vita?

You can play PS4 games on the Vita :slight_smile:

nah, remote play that shizzle, it would take some getting used to, but i use it to grind stuff whilst watching tv for all sorts of games that have easyish gameplay, something harder like say dark souls…don’t even go there

Oh oh oh.

Worth a shot.

Do I have to play…ON the vita or how the heck does that work.

Hopefully I don’t need to set it up through a TV first. Gotta charge my vita then I’ll try it.

Ah shoot, i think you will struggle without having a screen to do the inital setup :frowning:

Crap if that’s the case I’ll ask if I can hook the TV up again one last time to do thatm. Roommate hasn’t actually moved out yet.

Good luck!

And yeah once its setup right, you wont need the big screen at all, vita will even turn ps4 on for you etc.

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Apparently I had already synched my vita to the ps4 before so it did it automatically without needing a tv.

Can’t broadcast or use spotify but otherwise this seems to be a lifesaver.

Thanks guys! Don’t know if I can play online but still awesome.