Just one thing GBox

It may not always seem like it but I do appreciate the fact that you spent all this time and resource remastering this game. I do but my advancing age may have something to do with my seemingly grouchiness at times. However just one last thing…why can not Homeworld Classic Remastered play like well it’s name sake in multiplayer?? I hate spawning to find I have a carrier already where the heck is the challenge in that? I do not get all the old school tactics and formations that made HW1 in 1999-2005 so danged fun re: BBall , Corv Wall …custom formation. To the rest of you Crowely still looking for a Clan although I do not mind being that lone wolf out there that pops into your game and shows you the true meaning of aggressive.

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Because it’s in the HW2 engine and it’d have taken significantly more time and effort to port both engines when you can kill two birds with one stone.

That and the combination of the mulitplayers wouldn’t work unless they were on the same engine. The HWR team (aside from Blackbird guys) is pretty small afaik so they didn’t exactly have epic amounts of man power to convert everything exactly right which is also why it’s taking them months to change and implement things that seem trivial to us. (That and they’re working to update mod tools and guides at the same time).

They didn’t have a bigger team because there likely wasn’t enough of a market to justify how much money would have been spent. And we got the game unfinished because the business guys probably needed to see an ROI, and because it’d already been delayed once from Nov to Feb and delaying it a second time would have probably caused more backlash and people starting to think it was the Duke Nukem of RTS (because it was never gonna come out).

I’m probably going to start recruiting for the guru again in the near future. Just waiting to see how the game development progresses, and waiting on @momoguru to get us a site back up. I bought the domain ‘Homeworld.guru’ :wink:

I bet the OMO would also be looking for some not so fresh blood.

We seem to be down to mostly just BlueHair, with me on occasion. We had at least 4 others, but I haven’t seen them in a week or two. I heard via another OMO that Bugger (aka Hivemind) was playing too, but I haven’t seen him. I remember seeing Foggy post on these forums, but haven’t seen him either.

Blue and I are mostly online ~6-10 pm Eastern time.