Just ordered TPS

Just ordered TPS off of Amazon. This isn’t my first time having the game, but the first time I had it I sold it after the first play through because I didn’t care for it, but I’m gonna give it another go starting from scratch. Last time I played as Jack, so I’m picking someone else this time, so who should I pick?


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Wilhelm :stuck_out_tongue: He is underated but definatly strong.
Nisha if you want to Faceroll all the game

Wilhelm is probably the weakest of the 6.

This would be my suggested order:

  1. Athena
  2. Athena
  3. Athena
  4. Athena
  5. Athena
  6. Athena
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Claptrap without a doubt!

In all seriousness I think all the characters are masterfully designed in TPS and you will have a great time with whoever you choose.


this mainly, but the ones I’ve hit L70 with I consider my Mains,

  1. Jack (doppelganger)
  2. Wilhelm
  3. Claptrap
    followed by the others
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Good thing I’ve got another day, or two to figure this out before the game gets here.

Wow…no love for the Baroness…

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If your referring to Aurelia, I don’t have her dlc pack anyway, so I can’t play as her anyway.

I play Aurelia the most, then after her Athena and Claptrap. Jack and Nisha are fun, I just don’t enjoy them as much. (I have all of them at 70)

Poor Wilhelm, I only played him to like lv. 9. lmao

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Tell me your secret. How didn’t you smash your own head in getting them there??

she would be number 4 on my list, just didn’t take it past the top 3. And it’s entirely possible that she takes 3rd as except for melee, she is fairly OP at most levels I’ve ran her through so far

I lasted to 25. lol Wilhelm gets no love from me. lol Poor willy.

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Some of us, like a challenge. Patience, strategy, and a bit of practice is what gets you there. Or powerlevel. lol Your choice. :grin:

It isn’t a challenge. It requires zero skill, so it isn’t a challenge. It’s a test of masochism.

Wilhelm is my second most levelled character (none at 70 yet), but it’s been rough going with him several times even with copious hand-me-downs from Athena. I probably need to go back to the drawing board with his current build (got forced into that at least once thanks to buggy co-op connections resetting my skill points).

For straight out laughs, though, Clappy is number 1. Pirate Ship and Torgue Fiesta are really hard to beat, and Rubber Ducky can actually be tactically advantageous (in a totally ridiculous way).


Powerlevel, agreed.

On your own, a bit of skill is necessary. Otherwise, you end up giving up. Sound familiar? lol

Well?! Shall we fix that good sir? :slight_smile:

What is your highest leveled Char?

I really like Wilhelm, and he’s the reason I think the character design of TPS gets an A+ from my perspective - I think they finally got the straightforward shooter character right. I don’t mean to dismiss Roland and Axton altogether, but comparatively I find them functional and even a little dull in terms of skills. I think they really got Wilhelm right though, and that kind of class is tough to design. I also find his personality quite intruiging, even if he is a little reticent :stuck_out_tongue:

More talkative than Wilhelm. Can be effective in battle, too: