Just ordered TPS

I absolutely love his echo logs, reminds me of asking undergrads questions :smile:

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So how many of your undergraduates want to be robots when they grow up? :robot:

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Ever seen “Grandma’s Boy?” the movie.

I’ve tried him twice: once solo and another time when I started new characters with two of my friends IRL. He’s just not for me.

same here. he is my low level gear mule. lol

edit: TPS is the only Borderlands installment that i don’t have ALL chars at max level. Might have to suck it up to keep my streak going. lol eh, maybe not. :expressionless:

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At least you can do that with yours, can’t even use him like that on PS4. lol

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Play as Aurelia once. She is just so fun and amazing. It really is a great game after all the dlc came out, and patches. I liked it from day one. But i guess people hated on it cause of the lack of endgame. Now there’s plenty to do.


My ranking of the TPS characters:

  1. Jack (ruled out by OP)
  2. Athena
    3-4. Claptrap and Aurelia
  3. None
    6-7. Nisha and Wilhelm

Two, maybe three characters I’m interested in taking into UVHM. Two who don’t interest me at all. And Claptrap is fun for a run through NVHM but I don’t see a compelling reason to continue after experiencing Pirate Ship Mode.

Wilhelm seems like a less interesting, much less powerful version of Jack - pet class, can use any weapon well, good survivability. I’m already doing that with Jack, whose skill tree is much more interesting. Nothing about Nisha interests me - not interested in auto-aiming, dual-wielding (unless it’s hilariously game-breaking like Sal, and I understand hers isn’t), Wild West motif, or her character as future Sheriff of Lynchwood.

So for the OP’s purpose, this is a long-winded vote for Athena. :smiley:

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I don’t have The Baroness DLC pack. Also, I went with Nisha. Only thing I’m not gonna like is not having any DLC other than Jack, and the shock drop slaughter dome.