Just plain mean! (New loot, you can't use)

This, second time I got one, makes three Legendaries I have that are disabled now:
(note: I only play Advanced Story mode, so the whole PvP thing, well…)

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It seems to me that the best legendaries are the ones that are disabled.

looks over to his Voxic Core longingly

Where did you get the Vigilance Link anyway?

Sentinal on Advanced, 3 person team, very good game. (Me as Deande, Mikey and Orendi)

Gotcha. I really hope they bring the disabled legendaries back soon, because I have a few that are blank that I would like to use.

+1 …They are extremely useful in Advanced Story mode for teams.

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Yeah I got voxis for being lvl 100.

However, you have not experienced the pain of premade 5 man teams that all use that item. It is unbearable to play vs.

Ever try to kill an Atti or boldur with 5k hp cause it doesn’t happen. But you got a very nice roll on it.

at least u get legenaries

ive put hundreds of hours into this game, i think i only have 4 legendaries… all useless to my play style.

i tried asking them to reward pvp players with legendary gear but they told me no.

i guess im forced to do pve if i want those pretty oranges

…I’m not fishing for them, the loot in this game seems very lacking for me anyway.
Seriously, if in the Unreal Engine player speed is 7 and a legendary adds 6.4% speed, gosh.
I would very much like to find anything that is nearly as good as what my Maya or Baroness wears in their other games.

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Had the same 2 Cutpurses in the last few days. Sigh