Just played a match with 2 Oscar Mikes

So i was just in a match that had 2 Oscar Mikes on the opposing team, Gearbox I know this isn’t intended so please do your best to look into this

Sometimes you can get duplicates of the timer runs out in character select on random character

Kinda funny bug really. Or is it a bug?..Gearbox has references that OMike is one of many clones, so is this their way of playfully teasing that?

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I see what you’re posting about, but I’m more distracted by that horrible connection your teammates have. I wonder if a laggy Marquis can still snipe. Does the game compensate and give him the headshot on an enemy player that’s “frozen” in place as seen by his lagging connection?

Oh, if someone is level 1 and in a party, they skip the prologue. Therefore, they get stuck with om. So when someone actually picks him, you end up vs two. Only works til they unlock someone else, or play the prologue. Figure that out on accident :slight_smile: