Just played dragon since he was nerfed from beta

El dragon is useless now he’s way to squishy now I played one game and ill only play him in story seeing as pvp hell die in 2 or so hits. My favorite character is trash now!!!

El Dragon does not suck. I own with him, and he can be tough if you build him that way. At H5, you can either be tough, or fast. What he lacks in health, he makes up for in damage resistance. At his max stage, he can block 30% damage at all times, something Montana only gets as a special ability for 8-10 seconds. Also, you can have his belly flop regen health, giving him tons of sustain, especially when combined with his H1 mod to make those caught in his AOE deal 30% less damage as well. This, combined with his quick, hard hits, makes him a great off-tank/ambusher. He is not weak, just because he has little health, doesn’t mean he doesn’t make the most of it.


Late game yeah his good but in a pvp you wont even make it that far I was honestly being 3 shotted by a thorn before I could land I single hit on her. Early his health is way to low and is useless early levels in a pvp which puts you at a disadvantage big time. Late game like you said with his helix you can do better but still pretty squishy. Hes a melee but pointless if you cant even get close to hit them when you die 3-4 shots I don’t like him like this. Hes super fun to play that’s why I love him but ill try more pvp and see how I fair I may give up on him.

Best melee DPS in the game (outside of Galilea with her “go alone” Helix)…yeah hes squishy but when you blindside someone theyre pretty much dead if they dont have stun or escape move off cooldown.

I can see he sucks, why are people complaining that El Dragon sucks when he is actually quite balanced? not OP, not weak.

yea i get some people by surprise with clothesline into elbow drop to en fuego follow up dragon splash

Sorry I meant just to squishy I was having a hard time even getting close to anyone without dying in a few shots

The same reason they complain whenever the OP character they use gets put back in line: Because now they’re not wrecking face just off of character selection.


How was el dragon to begin with? I played in the beta before his nerf he wasn’t op I hardly saw any el dragons do good let alone even out in a pvp match. I made this post because he’s squishy as hell for a melee character his health is 1004 and his shield is 200 or 300 its hard to read shield number seeing as the number is almost the same color as the shield. You know how easy it is to kill him really easy 3 maybe 4 shots and hes dead.

in the start of a match you have to be very careful, but once u get en fuego you start getting the ball rolling


Before his nerf he could pump out 1200 damage easy on his initiation combo… how many characters can do that in a huge aoe with CC besides Rath? his claps also did around 150 with it’s 30 damage tick… If you add in his level 10 helix option it’s something like 1500 damage without him even attacking within 2 second stun time frame. If you add that in it’s something like 2000 damage with his clap spam and ring damage.

I would 1v5 a team and walk away with 3+ kills every time my ult was available. He needed it really badly and I’m glad they did nerf him to put him more in line with the other melee characters.

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He can die fast but if you use his very powerful clap, OMG I clear just about anything with that.

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I make it to late game all the time with him. You are doing something wrong. He steamrolls after level 4.

He’s not easy mode like Galilea, but is quite potent.

I still think he is very strong, his melee (clap) has some strange range and dishes out a lot of damage.

His change, in the beta, was needed to bring him in line as stated previously in this thread. It is my belief that you need to match this change with gearing correctly to face the challenges of pvp to stand on equal footing. Attack speed and damage are very important as is speed increasing gear. Something to consider is adding to max health and damage reduction to elevate the stress of fighting. Personally my gear setup is all epics with mixed abilities. One glove with attack speed/damage, sword with attack speed and movement speed, and shoes with sprint/movement speed.

In the beginning of the match try focusing on minions and team kills. Don’t chase down enemies chase they will lead you into slowing rockets or teammates. Build some junk around the map for extra xp. Also don’t get frustrated. There are a couple of guides that can help give you a more indepth perspective.

I do find him very frustrating right now =). Just keeping at it.

He is an absolute beast once you learn how to play him. Use DrHoho’s guide in this forum. It is legit and I regularly top the board on my team with El Dragon using his advice.

Wow, he just is a snowball that keeps getting better. I originally had the problem where I was dying 5+ per game, but now I usually have 3 deaths max, and at some points I’m outleveling the next highest level by 2-3, while also getting 60+ minion kills EASILY. He is a monster. His first two levels provide him minion wave clear, and once you get to five you’re able to take out single enemies with ease, and eventually you’re able to rack in double and triple kills. He might just be my new favorite character. Damage Reduction, Max Health, and Skill Dmg is the way to go in my opinion. I thought he sucked at first, but he’s arguably one of the top battleborn in my opinion now.

Still frustrating.

hes good only his ulti is crap i think what it does is ok. but for a melee ulti that buff your melee having it stun you for 1.5 seconds its total bs they run or burst you down so much you need to retreat imeeditly after. if theres 2 of them using you ulti is basicaly saying killme