Just played Void's Edge with Four New Players - Way to Go BB

Four new players and no score. I’m sure they’ll stick around a long time.

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Happy Forumbirthday! And uh, at least there’s new players

Happy to you too. At least Kid Ultra is fun to play. Just wish he could get a score once and awhile. He’s very lonely.

Retaining players hasn’t been BB strong suit.

Hopefully small things like these get remedied with a little bit more urgency and efficiency in the future.

Wait I have a cake next to my name?

No I don’t see one, but I don’t know why I do. Maybe because I don’t have any text after my name.

Lol its because today is the day you joined the forums a year ago

Is it a big deal? Do you not get XP and credits too, or just zero score?

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…You still get gear like +damage that has a red -damage. (Scratching head)

Not to me it isn’t. It’s annoying, but you still get XP, credits, and gear.

It’s. A. Visual. Bug.

The bug does seem to prevent Hardcore runs from registering - after we did the operation on Hardcore and were awarded 0 score, it still showed in our career as not having been attempted.

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Is it really a visual bug? I decided to finish my Hardcore achievement and had to do the Experiment twice, because the first run got a zero score and did not count.

Either way, visual or not, it’s still a pretty big turnoff since that’s not exactly encouraging. Only reinforces the mixed reviews.

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My zero score usually means that the servers have disconnected me and I lose all my progress after spending 30 minutes on a story mission.

In OPs this hasn’t happened yet, but RNGesus never forgets me when it comes to garbage like this.

Waste my time too many times and someone or something gets connected to my fist.

I assume those 4 new friends in the OP are lost causes at this point. If not, they are a lot less enthusiastic for the upcoming attempts.

Won’t getting zero scores make it difficult for new players to unlock characters?

Not neccessarily - if the zero score is just a visual bug the players still receive EXP offscreen.

But I suspect that we face 2 (or maybe 3) different bugs that all look the same:
You see a Score 0.
Many players (me included) had this bug and got CR-EXP offscreen. (My OM leveled up, so there was definately EXP in my case).

Yet other players report that the Score =-mission/match gave no rewards.

And fraction of these players (here as example @EdenSophia´s Hardcore mission) even report the mission did´nt appear in any career lists.

With gear there is a similar case. Sometimes the gear just showed up deactivated after respawn, but in some cases the gear-buffs still were active while other players reportet their gear was glitched completely (= shown as deactivated thus it was already payed and no active buffs).

So yeah, I think we deal with 2 different things here, even if they look very similar.

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