Just playing the game

So 80% of the time I play solo, but every once in a while I enjoying finding new players/ friends to lark about with.
I have 2 op8 toons sal/axton.
What I really enjoy is helping people find the gear that they are after, lvls 50/72 and op1-8 are the easiest due to how the playthru system works on the game.
So if anyone wants a farming/story friend feel free to send a message on xb1 (handsome collection only) look forward to gaming with you soon.
Gt= ScaryCartoons ( uk timezone).
(I can power lvl but have spent many a hour doing it so try to stay away from it unfortunately, as can get pretty tedious for me and you… but in the case you may need a few lvls I could help out) thanks for reading😀 happy looting

Just Borderlands 2? Im on my UVHM playthrough on TPS.

Was aimed at bl2 mainly yes… do play TPS now and again but have on just started tvhm (around lvl 26 ish)