"Just plug that fuse into Brewster's powerbox, and you'll be able to ride the elevator!"

… I’ve always wondered, who the hell is Brewster? :slight_smile:

The generator/motor driving the elevator. You know, the one Claptrap tried to “integrate” with.


According to the mission’s text, the store is called Brewster’s Shield Bashers, IIRC.

Oo! I’ll have to go back and check that when I get home tonight. And I just did that quest recently too!

It’s in the mission log, for the record. Maybe after finishing some objective, Iunno.

Mission Briefing:

Sir Hammerlock has suggested that if you’re expecting to leave Southern Shelf alive, you’ll need a better shield. He wants you to head to an abandoned shop and former Crimson Raider base known as Brewster’s Shield Bashers. Once there you can purchase a better shield.

Hammerlock: Of course, I forgot - the safehouse power box stopped working after Claptrap attempted to… integrate with it.

Claptrap: Ah, what a kidder! Just get a new fuse for the elevator and ignore what he said about that power box.

Claptrap: Ooh - there’s a fuse on the other side of that electric fence! Just run through the fence - you won’t take damage if you go fast enough!

Claptrap: Just plug that fuse into Brewester’s Powerbox, and you’ll be able to ride the elevator!

Sir Hammerlock: Got the elevator working, have you? Great! Now simply ascend to the safehouse and buy a shield This used to be a sizable hub for the resistance, until everyone heard the Hyperion army approaching and fled to Sanctuary

Sir Hammerlock: Well done! Now, if you could return to Liar’s Berg, we could see about getting you off this frigid glacier


Do we get a teaser on which mission briefing you will be reciting next week? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The plot thickens… Stay tuned, everyone!


No teasers. Its gonna be a surprise! :smirk:


I love surprises! :santa:t3:

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Dear Hammerlock,

I would like to ask why your asking us to buy a shield in that shop when in Liar’s berg we can buy a shield, it’s the same crap shield anyways. Also, what we can buy in that shop is somewhat the same shield you have given us helping you clear the Liar’s Berg. I need explanation, or maybe you have a hidden agenda why you want us to raid that shop.

Yours truly,
Vault Hunter


Heh, well dang, that’s what I get for seldom reading the mission briefing text. :wink:


Why, of course. I remember when my father first brought me to Pandora. I was six years old, and had used colorful language in polite company. Father thought it proper to abandon me here for a month to teach me the error of my ways. It was rough going at first, but after I throttled my twentieth skag into submission, I grew to enjoy the place.

However, while so doing I came to realize that if I had paced myself somewhat - started with smaller skags, perhaps - I would have felt better prepared for the even greater challenges ahead.
Alas, I was young and foolish, and the thrill of the hunt led me to attempt feats of bravery that were yet beyond me.
The results are plain to see. As much as I value my erudition, I would have preferred that fewer lessons had been learned, as they say, ‘the hard way’. Do people still say that? No matter.

What I’m endeavoring to explain, Vault Hunter, is that by sending you on seemingly pointless errands I am in fact attempting to spare you from repeating my own mistakes.
As you struggle with these apparently arbitrary tasks, you are…how shall I put this? - coming more and more into your own.
Not to mention, you’ll have me regaling you with tales of Pandora’s fascinating history while so doing!

Why, were it not for my intervention, you would not have ascended The Soaring Dragon to rid the world of Captain Flynt secure in the knowledge that you - due to the most extraordinary and unlikely sequence of events - have done battle with a midget riding piggyback on a bullymong. Just savor those words for a moment, would you?
Very few people can claim to have done something like that, and such a person will have nothing to fear from the likes of Captain Flynt.

Bah, enough of my rambling. Strictly speaking I’m not supposed to tell you this, but I believe it’s referred to as ‘mission pacing’. Scientific term. Dreadfully boring, please don’t trouble yourself with it.
Please make Captain Flynt’s death as prolonged as possible, would you? Almost as bad as a publisher, he is.


Lissen up, Hamerlokk!

Hoo ya callin “painless”, huh? I been shott in da face before, ya know, an’ I’ll make ya wish ya nevver came heere.

Yer local Dumbass marauder


Yes, I’m terribly sorry, but my interests usually concern Pandora’s wildlife alone. I’ve nearly finished penning my 10-volume almanac entitled ‘The Beasts of Pandora’, in fact, and it’s available for pre-order now!

If you’d like to be included in future revised editions of my magnum opus – on the grounds, say, that you’re as feral as any Skag – I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement provided the basic pecuniary niceties are resolved. I will gladly refer you to my publisher in this matter.

Now, if your appetite for learning should be so voracious that you positively insist on contributing sooner rather than later to our deeper understanding of the many deadly creatures of Pandora, I can only suggest that you approach my various field researchers as they go about their business.
I’m sure they’ll be delighted to let you aid our endeavor in the capacity they deem you the most suitable.

Kind regards,
Sir Alistair Hammerlock


Yeah… Why ain’t I in that, huh? I’m the beast there is! Shotty says I’m the beast in the whole dang… uuh… camp. I should be on da cover. And on da back.

I’m gonna go see that… what was it? …punisher? I’ll bring Shotty along, and we’ll see about who gets that 44 Magnum. Dunno why the hell ye call it Opus, but I ain’t nevver been much for fansy words. When i see that… punisher, was it… he’s gonna wish he never came here.

Dat mardaurer again


Well, I’m afraid the almanac’s cover has long since been decided upon barring a few details. (Bullymongs do frequently explode, but it is not their natural state, as it were – as a naturalist I’m still torn about the idea of pandering to the more sensationalistic aspects of the publishing industry. On the cover, that is: If you’re not interested in, say, words, you can always stare at the hellishly gory pictures I’ve sprinkled throughout the almanac.)

To soften the blow I might mention that if you pre-order now I’m offering an exclusive cover for the book which is slightly different from the regular cover, in that it is inscribed with the words “I pre-ordered this book before it came out and am therefore demonstrably more wealthy than you” in large neon-colored letters.

However, if you should happen to be in the market for a personalized edition of my almanac with a cover of your own choosing, I would of course deem it a signal honor. Few things are as gratifying to an author as a readership so fascinated with one’s work that they wish to enhance the experience by beautifying the physical copy – the mere vessel, as it were – for a trifling supplement to the cover fee.
I salute you, Sir, on your discerning and refined taste!

If you and your friend Mr. Shotty would approach my publisher, I’m certain he’d be more than happy to accommodate you in this matter. Hopefully.

Kindly yours,


Alrite, then!

I talked to dat… punisher-guy ya wanted me to speak to. He kept hiding inside a house all the time, so I couldn’t rob him, buuut… He said something 'bout a “special offer”! Just for me! Normally, these things would cost 30 bucks each, but if I bought three of them, I could get them all for 100 bucks. So, I’ll take three, then. Gonna give the other two to my mates Boom & Bewm.

So… Send me three of those thingies, an’ I’ll pay ya 100 bucks. Get dat vault hunter to deliver them. I could rob 'em blind after I “pay” 'em, but keep dat info to yerself, will ya. Send ‘em over to Brewster’s… Me an’ mah buddies will be waiting for 'em! chuckles

Good doin’ bisniss with ya, Upstairs!


My dear sir, I value the Vault Hunters of my acquaintance not only as trusted co-workers but as compatriots and indeed as friends. All my dealings with them have been and shall remain fair and above-board.

I trust that your request was nothing other than an obscure joke which missed its mark - I fear this is rather too common, as I frequently struggle with humor and vocabulary outside the realms of academe.
To ascertain this I shared it with Miss Gaige, whom I assumed is more up to speed (I believe that’s the term) with modern parlance than myself.

She professed to ignorance on the the matter, but has kindly offered to deliver the books to you as she apparently has business in your neighborhood. You may expect her shortly.
Many thanks for your custom and continued interest in my project, it is most appreciated.

Kindly yours,


Oh dear. Sir, are you quite…alright? Just now, Miss Gaige sent me $100 to balance your fee and this image over the EchoNet.

She’s asked me to tell you that after you’ve settled your debt with Hyperion for your reconstruction, you might be interested in this picture along with two others for a total of three. For a further $100, as a special offer. She suggested you might enjoy them for your…personalized cover for my almanac.

I really am dreadfully sorry. Miss Gaige is ever so sweet a girl, but she does have a somewhat, well, robust sense of humor.

I do hope this unfortunate incident won’t put a crimp in our future business relationship, as I’m still very eager to hear your opinion – and that of Mr. Shotty - on ‘The Beasts of Pandora’.

Hoping this finds you in good, erm, health, I remain

Alistair Hammerlock


This thread might be my favorite thread ever.