Just purchased handsome collection

I jave over 190 games for the 360 and xb1 and have never experienced head aches dizzy light headed and tired eyes.
this is the only game I have ever played that caused this, battleborn was fine also all the other 2K games I own are fine.
Can someone please help me out with this please?
I purchased this set for the xbox one and played 20 min felt the above and stopped playing, tried to play again about 30 min later and the same symptoms came back but worse.
I cannot play these games,
can someone please advise me of options for refunding the prices as they were purchased form xbox marketplace.
Thanks you very much

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Any kind of refunds would have to be done through how you bought it from I would imagine. I don’t know if xbox marketplace has any refunds. There should be a support line or support of some kind for xbox marketplace.

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Did the recent XB1 update include a FOV slider? I know it’s adjustable on the PC versions of BL2 and TPS.

EDIT: Yes, it did! Go to the game options, look under Video, and try changing the FOV. Also see below!

The FOV in BL2 is a bit different from the original Borderlands, and it did affect quite a few folks when the game first came out. Two suggestions that have worked for some players:

  • If the XB1 is connected to a large screen TV, try sitting further back (maybe 6-10 feet depending on the size of the screen)

  • If you’re playing on a smaller screen, try setting the screen to a different mode so that the game window is inset, leaving a dark surround.

If neither of those work, you’ll have to take up the issue of refunds with Microsoft, since they’re the ones you bought the game from.


I have it on XBO and use a 42" Samsung plasma. Under lower light, the color, brightness, character motion etc work better for me.

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The same thing only happened to me when playing PS3 from SDTV to HDTV. lol

Just set your TV to have lower backlight, adjust the brightness-contrast, and color.

I spent 1.5 hour adjusting my HDTV visual settings to fit room lighting and my eyes.

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Thank you everyone!
I will try to adjust the fov tomorrow after a good nights sleep and see what I can do - I honestly do not want to give the games up,
My tv is a 73 inch Mitsubishi 3D DLP. It may be the DDF ( Double depth filter ) in it thats making the FOV different.
normal 3D is on all the time with the xb1 but not enabled on the actual tv with games, I manually turn it on.
Again Thanks to everyone!
I will let you all know what I find.
after not playing it for 6+ hours I am feeling back to normal.


HI everyone,
Well I adjusted the FOV and all settings on the tv and turned off 3D and it made a minor difference but not enough to able me to actually play longer than 30 min.
I am fighting with xbox marketplace to obtain a refund but this will not effect future games made by gearbox or 2K
if there is anything else anyone can think of I am open to try it,
Thank you very much

All good got a full refund for the games Borderlands THC.