Just realised it's Thursday. You going to fix the HUD?

While we all wait for a far better game to launch in a few weeks.

I thought I would give this another go.

So, what say you @gbx. You going to repair the setting that existed since launch, that you removed in June. Then restored in a non-functional fashion ??

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Cyberpunk 2077 or AC Valhalla?

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demon’s souls!


Cyberpunk, without a doubt (for me!).

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You mean Season Pass 2 or Cyberpunk?

Yeah…Cyberpunk easily, especially knowing what I know now since this games release and how GBX has handled it, no brainer for this customer.

Oh man, I’ve tried so many times to complete any of the Dark Souls games and just can’t do it. I heard Demon’s Souls is just as difficult but has a better story arc to push through it.