Just realised this challenge exists!

OMG!! There’s a challenge in this game, that … needs you to kill enemies using slam :open_mouth: :laughing:

Has anyone completed this yet?
Pics or I won’t believe it!


I am going to guess…NO.

I have not killed anyone with slam that I am aware of. Now, when, if, I ever get the new perk that enables slamming with a simple jump I would guess that this would be possible. I still don’t think that it is something that fits my game style. But with that perk I imagine there are players who are making progress there.

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At level 1 to 3 slide and ground pound do relevant damage.

Especially slide is useful. Ground pound still animation locks you for way too long.

Just create a new character :slight_smile:


I’m at 26/50 (rank 3) on Zane and 9 kills with Amarra.
I guess I will complete it one day but not this week! :grin:


The Hot Drop relic’s fireballs count as slam damage, so I’ve found I’ve actually made progress on this challenge now heh. Those fireballs can hit pretty hard in non-mayhem.


Honestly, it isn’t that bad of a challenge. The ones for killing enemies while sliding (yep, plural! There’s a generic one, a shotgun one and a SMG one) on the other hand, are absurd.