Just Received a Seraph Rarity Gun Called "Core Apparatus"?

Um…what is this? I got it from the Cl4P-TP DLC out of a weapons box. Can’t find anything about it on google.

Pink guns are the new “Glitch Weapons”.

How new? Just picked up the pre-sequel included in the handsome collection and have no prior knowledge of anything associated with it.

They came out with the Claptastic Voyage DLC… I don’t know if they’re limited to just the DLC, or if they’re added into the entire game. But yeah, they’re not uber-rare as far as I’ve noticed but they’re neat.

At first, when I saw the title, I thought you might be trolling. Apologies for that.

Apparatus is a common name for Hyperion pistols in Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Just keep in mind, that there are no Seraphs (yet, anyhow, so probably never) in TPS. Nor do we seem to have any Eridian or E-Tech weapons. Also notice, with the Seraph-like color of the weapon card and spike, you also have an “ERROR CODE” in the card text. Hence, glitched. There’s a guide around here somewhere, and on the wiki, breaking down how the glitch works, and what the ERROR CODE means.

And yeah, I got REALLY excited first time I saw that color in a loot chest. Still, some of the glitches can be pretty awesome, and they do neat things in the grinder…

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