Just reporting...I somehow got 48 guardian points on one guardian level up

I wasn’t doing anything shady or trying to break the game. I was playing Moze, she popped a guardian level up, and suddenly I had 48 points to spend. I’m not complaining, just reporting what happened.

There has been a bug. It happens when you alternate playing online/offline. My case was the opposite and I had negative 36 pts after playing solo offline one evening.

Ouch. I guess I got lucky then. Here’s hoping my internet doesn’t go out until they get it squared away.

There is a simple fix if you ever end up in the negative. It can be googled if needed.

be careful if yr guardian rank is too high… your game might freeze whenever you kill a enemy.

Its true. My brothers friend knows a guy it happened to. He has to use that gun from rakk man that leaves 1hp and then lets someone in the group finish them off