Just Returned to Game, Need Powerlevel

Hey all, i used to play on 360 back during release and i finished the game like 3 times. Im just now returning on the pc this time and i obviously dont want to grind to max level again so i was hoping someone would be willing to powerlevel me and maybe give me some gear or something to prepare me for the next difficulty. Steam name is " XxIT’S ALL OGRExX " , (its a joke) and shrek is the picture, obviously. Thanks a lot !

Playing as krieg if thats necessary info

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awesome, thanks for the suggestion, so should i give myself some gear for the lvl 50 save editor guy? Or should i just start UVHM without gear.

Also, how do i use the save editor to skip TVHM and Normal

I guess pm me details if possible

Just so you know, discussing game editing in detail is not allowed on this forum.

oh, sorry, thanks for the heads up though

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