Just Saying: The Double Standard

So whenever the HW1 players suggest a rework of the HW2 balance, the HW2 players always complain about messing up the HW2 gameplay/balance.

The HW1 gameplay’s already been butchered.

So it’s okay to butcher the more lauded gameplay and keep the more criticized gameplay unchanged?



HW2 balance feels the same as it was in the original. Why change it?

You can’t “butcher” something that didn’t exist in the HW2 engine in the first place. The term you’re looking for is “reproduced imperfectly and soon to be fixed”.

HW2 was never rigorously balanced, everyone knows this but they are using the HW2 engine. Get the HW1 race balanced within the new framework (since there is only ‘one’ HW1 race it’s easier than to have to balance two races) then work on balancing all 3 races that now actually have common ground. this is especially important if they actually plan on introducing potentially broken mechanics like HW1 support ships, Hyperspacing harvesters, properly cloaking strike craft, etc. into an engine and game dynamic that did not have them before.


It seems every time someone suggests restoring HW1 functionality, someone else points out how the change would be unbalanced vs. HW2

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Would you rather no one points it out and then have abuse of HW1 mechanics run rampant? I’m not against most HW1 mechanics being implemented but you’d have to have a pretty good reason for it and a good way of dealing the the inevitable abuse that comes with some of these mechanics. That is not double standard.

I was responding to the person pointing out that HW2 balance feels the same as the original.

But since you brought it up, yes I’d like to be playing a game that more closely resembles the game I prefer.


My question was would you want the abuse of HW1 mechanics to run rampant and your answer to that question is yes and that that is closer to how HW1 played?

Am I understanding that correctly? If I’m not understanding that correctly, please clarify.

Then play the game mode you prefer.

I think a lot of people have a problem with the fact that HWR is not just HW1 with a fresh coat of paint. That’s also not something that will ever change. HW:R will get close, eventually, from the looks of it but it will never be what they want it to be.

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I would if Gearbox would enable multiplayer for the classic games.


The problem is not that HW1R is not this that we want, the problem is that HW1R is not this that should be (to stay truthful to his name, that have the word Remastered in there); this is, just that you said, the old well known HW1 but Remastered, this is, the old same mechanic, AI and behavior, with a new coat of paint. HW1R, as is, is not a remaster, is a reinterpretation, and sorry, but the people wanting a reinterpretation may be something that is only in the mind of Gearbox.


Arguing semantics is not going to change facts.

We all knew what HW1R was going to be the instant they said they were gonna work with the HW2 engine. It’s actually much more faithful to the original than I expected the HW2 engine was capable to be, even with source code access.

Anyone who deluded themselves into thinking it was going to be more than that has just no idea what’s going on here.

No exactly, having the source code enables you to modify the engine accordingly.

There’s only so far you can go without rewriting most of the engine, and if they wanted to do that they’d have gone with something like UE4 from the very start instead - and it would have taken them four times longer.

For many of us, the only reason we purchased the game was because it was supposed to be HW1 remastered. Initially I was under the impression it was HW1 with a face lift and compatibility restored. There are a lot of people I haven’t seen in over a decade suddenly showing up to see the same thing. I thought it was 2 games with 2 different styles, not one game with 2 variants. It’s not a matter of which came first, the chicken or the egg, but a matter of much disappointment. Arguing over issues does not solve that “real” problem of utter disappointment. To say everyone knew in advance is a soft wall.


No, to say everyone knew in advanced (or should have had they bothered looking at a single article or video) is the unfortunate truth.

I really don’t care about balancing HW1 vs. HW2 right now. I couldn’t really care less about multiplayer. I want to see HW1C’s mechanics restored to the greatest extent that they can be to give HW1R as much of HW1C’s tactical complexity as possible.

Once that’s done, then Gearbox can worry about balancing multiplayer.


I am going to speak blasphemy here.

It is not the singleplayer that is going to last (although it deserves to), it is the multiplayer that will keep Remastered alive throughout the years, so that is what their focus is. (All speculation by me)